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Itchy Tasty - Fenexa was at a loss. Xakiri was gone, slain at the hands of hooded Organization members. She didn't know who had done it, or who had executed the traitorous plans, but she had been there to witness it. As the old leader was choking on his lifeforce, the Heartless began devouring him, shredding him to bits, and all she could do was scream until there was nothing left and the figures disappeared. She had failed Xakiri.

**There's nothing you can do now, now that you and Xukra share the power of this castle.**
After everything was said and done, she and Xukra had been elected to both run their new castle by Xemnas. They both could only follow orders and go through, but with that had come the castle's lockdown. No one was to leave or enter until this mess was figured out.

**Which will leave angry Nobodies, at least for awhile.**
They had a new castle, so hopefully that anger was channeled into exploring their new fairgrounds.

The Isotopic Rose herself had been rummaging through her new room, whether it was browsing the books and testing out the new bed by jumping on it, to checking her newly installed laptop to watch The Grid from the comfort of "home". But it didn't feel the same.

**Well, I guess I no longer have to keep secrets and can just start... fresh?**
She rubbed her forehead in frustration, letting out a small groan.

**First things first, keeping these mongrels at bay until the lockdown is lifted.**
Fenexa looked at her door and found herself suddenly glaring at it, finally shaking her head.

**No, let them sort it out. No Fen, stop thinking like that, you've got a new job now. You're overrthinking everything now, sit down and enjoy the calm. Calm? WHAT CALM?! Xak's dead, these guys are going stir crazy, and I'm--**
The thoughts finally made her cave in and the Rose slowly sank to the floor. She hit knee-first then toppled into a lazy, yet defeated sitting position.

**This is too much.**
The grey-headed Nobody sat in silence for the moment, unable to cope with her current state of mind.


The Scrapless Anemity was in heaven, or what at least felt like it. Even though their new castle was on a "Nobody Leaves" lockdown of sorts, Nixrene himself managed to sneak out of his room and into the beautifully lavished, and quite hot and relaxing, bathtub that had been set up in Myxia's room. And it was woooonderful~

He had a towel tightly wrapped around his waist, deciding that he didn't want to scare the lady too soon, and settled himself into the left side of the tub. Nixrene ran his wet fingers through his dark blonde bangs, pushing them into the old wet head slick style. Once that was done he let his biceps rest on the tub's edges and stretched his legs out, only to cross them at the ankles.

"You know I was a little surprised to be called into your room like this."
The Anemity spoke as he waved a single finger in the warm water, creating little ripples.

"Let me be able to sneak in here with this lockdown we have going. What's the occasion Myxia? Are you trying to butter me up? Get some sort of secrets behind Xakiri's death out of me? I didn't have anything to do with it, it was a tragic accident."
He smirked as he thought back to the old leader's final moments. The look of terror on Xakiri's face as his throat was slit and body mangled by Heartless.

"I hope you know, Xukra would kill us both if she knew I were in here. In a towel, and soaking in the bathtub of one of the female Nobodies she loathes."
It had only been just over four weeks since he and Myxia had began their flirtationship, behind Xukra's back, and somehow both managed to keep it a secret. Then again in this current day and state everyone in the new keep was keeping some sort of secret, why couldn't they have theirs~? It wasn't like they were sleeping together, atleast not at this moment in time, so who was it going to hurt? Nixrene never let himself be seen naked in front of the Goddess, nor had she in front of him, so technically it was going smoothly.
As smooth as he'd like it to be. By Kingdom Hearts if Xukra found out what was going on~

"And I'd probably be killed right after you were. But then again, knowing Xu, she'd mostly likely just kill you and lock me up somewhere to torture me daily. Who knows?"


Eratrx stood in the middle of the new glass walkway that bordered the top of their new sanction. To be honest he liked it, how it glowed in the dark and attached to the other towers~ It would make patroling a lot easier then in the other castle. But something was still missing in his new life.

After the so called "tragic loss" of the old leader, the Diabolical Raver had undergone a physical and mental change, if even by a fraction mentally. He had chopped off his braid and dyed his new bangs seafoam green, changed his eyes, begged Luxan to tailor his old black cloak into something more casual and a little form-fitting, and had gotten one funky tattoo under his eye. And it seemed like no one batted an eye his way. Well, except the male counterpart of Myxia, in which he could only blush at the thought.

But Phoex was still missing from his life.

So, he stood in the glass walk with a pout formed on his lips. Would the Dreamer even recognize him when he returned from his mission? Would Eratrx recognize him? Had Phoex changed too? The Raver didn't know. And so he had spent the last few days walking up and down the new halls, playing with the trinkets in his room, studying the new robot girl-boy thing that had been moved in, and trying his best to avoid the man-woman thing that was Myxia.

All in hopes Phoex would soon return~


"Eeer.. what the hell is this thing?"
Glixal stood in front of one of the newly added refrigerators in the kitchen, lilac hues trying to stare holes into it. She had never seen such a device before, not even in the old castle because Xakiri was clean and never got one. What kind of sorcery by her ancestors was this thing?! She took a single step to the side to peer on the left side of it, then to the right.

"Alright, it's a noisy box-like contraption. But WHAT does it DO?"
She spoke aloud to herself, all while raising a single gloved finger up and poked one of the doors. The forest-haired Nobody then pushed, as if trying to attempt to push it over. When it wouldn't budge she settled her hand back onto her hip.

"I don't get it? Should we be worried about this thing? Could it come alive and attack? Tell me your secrets, box!"
Glixal finally scowled and took two steps back away as if she were to turn away, then quickly glanced back at the fridge like it was going to run.

"I'm onto you."
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Bishops Grimm - After the turmoil in the beginning, things had quieted down some. Or, atleast, it seemed to be quieter than normal today. Instead of being up Xukra's and Fenexa's asses they all seemed to be doing their own thing. Which suited well with her, now she could get some work done and see where to go next with their missions. The Executioner had no interest in what Xemnas had to say, she didn't intend to let this lockdown last for to much longer but just long enough for the whole thing to die down a bit more.
The investigation into Xakiri's death had been intensely monitored by Fenexa and all reports were being filtered through her to Xemnas. To her knowledge, the Rose was still completely unaware that she was the one who gleefully slit his neck open in cold blood. Her and Nixrene had spent quite a bit of time planning just the right moment to strike. When it presented itself with Fenexa sneaking off, they took it gladly. She had taken a sword with her and they both wore the standard cloak, hoods up, and barged into the little meeting between them. Without words she had went up behind Xak and killed him out right and they left just as quickly. It had barely made a ripple amongst the Nobodies of the Sanction, except for Fen of course. Which she really didn't blame her, she had been there and watched the Superior turn into dark matter with her own eyes, not to mention the three of them had started their Nobody lives together.
Xukra found herself lucky that Xakiri was a peice of shit Superior that no one had seen in ages. Xemnas didn't seem to interested in the news either, he simply set the two women as the new Superiors, asked for regular reports and said that they weren't to go on any missions. He gave them new territory, and they had spent the first couple weeks designing their own spaces. Then everyone went crazy with boredom and wouldn't leave Fen and her alone. Until she had finally threatened them all with lockdown being spent in the cells downstairs.
She had thankfully had already sent Phoex on his own little mission right before this mess happened, he'd been gone for exactly how long she told him to be and she fully expected him at anytime now. Then she felt the ripple in the darkness, her element, and her eyes glowed as Phoex walked through the dark portal he had travelled through. When she saw him, she wasn't surprised to seem him looking so different. She had kept tabs on him since she sent him away to Radiant Garden.
"I see your training went well. I want your report as soon as you've rested up a bit."
" went. I'll write it up in the morning."
That was all they said to each other. Phoex left, and Xukra went back to writing, logging in when Phoex arrived and exactly how long he'd been gone, with side notes of her personal thoughts.
It had been a long time since he'd been in these halls and they were still unfamiliar to him, because as soon as they got the new place, he was sent off to do intensive training with the powerful group in Radiant Garden. It had taken him a while to gain their trust enough and become friends with them so that he could ask such a request. He was an odd character and they didn't trust him. Once they did though he was put through the ringer everyday. Leon set up an intensive training regimen that at first, he couldn't keep up. And just as Xukra had wanted, he grew stronger and more mature. He wasn't sure what she expected of him now that her was back and he was afraid to ask, but there was something he had to hold off on telling her and the others. A rumor that had reached Radiant Garden through the keyblade weilders.
Phoex meandered through the hallways trying to find a someone around, but everyone seemed to be off in their own little corners of the caslte, because he didn't see anyone as he made his way up to his quarters. When he got to his room and opened the door the chimes sounded that he had set up just inside to ward off intruders. They rang loud and true, echoing off the white walls. As he stepped in, he took them down and laughed at himself. No one would have been scared off by that and they could've wandered right in through the portals.
He walked over to the corner of his room and stood up on a chair, hanging the chimes for decoration now instead of an alert system. "Amazing how just that small amount of time changed me. I just wish I knew why I was forced into it.."
Luxan was fiddling with a dress he had designed. Sewing the seams together with practiced ease. Myxia had wanted a new dress, and was still waiting on it. That one was currently sitting in the corner, half finished. He had gotten inspiration in the middle of that one to make another one, and he was compelled to start on it immediatley. The Obscurity was making this one with Fenexa in mind. She has been so upset and hassled lately that he wanted to do something for her.
She was constantly warding him off these days with words like 'I've got it covered' and 'you don't have to worry, I'm fine.' He was glad she was basically the main Superior now, even if she shared the title with Xukra. Xukra seemed just a little subdued herself these days and immersed in her work in her own personal work room. He wasn't sure what she was doing in there, but he knew that whatever it was, she thought it was extremely important.
The Executioner had actually gathered them all up and told them she wanted to spend a day with each of them. Her and Fenexa had seemed to be in agreement and wanted to be in on it too, standing in as an observer. When it had been his turn, he found that it was about testing their powers and her pushing them for a whole twenty-four hours seeing just how far they could push themselves and how much power they could pull out of themselves in drastic situations. It had been exhausting. Everyone had been beat after they didn't complain till the days after. It was frightening just how far she went. Her powers had grown..he wasn't sure when that happened. But it seemed to him that since she gained in power, she knew they all could. It was like she was wanting soldiers for some great task...
With that last thought he came to the last few stitches. He tested their strength the billowed the dress out and hung it out in front of him. It wasn't her normal blue. It was a dark green with a hemmed in white belt. He wasn't quite sure yet, but it was to go down to her knees.. Myxia had influenced some of his work with her fashion tips and what girls were wearing nowadays. Now if he could just get her to see him and agree to a fitting. Sighing at the thought, he got to his feet and gathered his materials in his sewing box and hung the dress on a hanger.
Leaving his room, he wandered down to where he knew the Rose would be. He knocked quietly and announced himself to let her know who was knocking at her door. "Fenexa? It's Luxan. Can I talk to you for a moment?"
The Goddess swayed into the bathroom with a tray in hand, making her silk blue robe swish around her knees. Immediately Nixrene started speaking to her. It seemed, in her mind, he spoke more to her lately than to his 'white angel'. She glanced at him with interest as she sat on the edge of her beautiful tub, that wasn't a tub at all, close to the Amenity but not to close. She sat the tray between them, showing off a tea kettle and cups, with a side of cake with fat strawberries on top. She poured the steaming tea as she listened to him.
"Would you like sugar?" She smiled at him as she put sugar in her own cup. She then handed him the cup and took a sip of her own, sighing happily. " You don't have to worry honey. I don't care who killed Xakiri. I never met him, and the rumors I heard before coming here, he wasn't up to snuff. So it's really no skin off my nose." But she was interested in a very juicy mystery and she had already drew up her own conclusions.
She dipped her finger into the whipped cream on the cake and sucked it off her finger, all the while staring at him with smiling eyes.
"I do believe whoever else was in on it, I'm very certain that our darling Xu had a big part of the big mans death. Now. Tell me. How do you feel about that knowledge?" She also suspected he already knew that part too. Being alive for so long and seeing so much mutiny amongst the humans, it wasn't hard for her to see all the pieces. She then snorted at him with derisive amusement. "Xukra doesn't scare me. She's hot stuff but I've never been fearful for my life, I can take care of myself. Besides, if you can't have friends who are girls, then she's got problems. I haven't done a thing...Yet." Licking her lips she wiggled her eyebrows at him.
"With all joking aside. I don't particularly like bathing in towels and robes, it's no fun. So if you don't mind, I'm going to take off my robe and slip in." With that she stood on the step on the inside of the bath and unhooked her robes sash. "Would you like some cake?"
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SoulofDarkness - Skipping gleefully down the halls, Xethera was humming to herself. Death, mystery, and a lockdown were just what she had asked for. Especially the lockdown part. Everybody was stuck indoors all at once. They were easy prey for her deceptive tricks.

"Oh Lexxyyy. Where are yooouu?" She sang down the halls, hoping her favorite person to torment would show his face. As she skipped around a corner, she bumped into a stranger.. one who she had never met before this moment.

Giving the individual a wary look, her hands began to glow a sickly green as she coated them with acid, prepared to flick it at the intruder, should she need to.

"Who're you? Can't say I've seen anyone around here with so much... blue to them. Most likely a spy, yes? Oh I do hope you are! I'm not allowed to torture ANYONE around here." She pouted as she spoke those last words, before a slightly maniacal grin crossed her face.

"Uh.... no.. no. Please don't hurt me. I'm... Stexfa. I think that's right. It's a pleasure to meet you, orange one." Stex stuttered, quiet as can be as she interacted with the woman before her.

"ORANGE ONE?!?" Xethera yelled, slightly offended. "I'll have you know, I'm much more than just orange. Maybe I should melt you down for simply being an annoyance"

As Xethera threatened the new individual once again, Stex sidled along the wall, moving past the Trickster with a mumbled apology.

----------------------------------- ------------------

Lexyl yawned, his hair tousled and unkempt. He had yet to put his hair braids in, or anything. Trying to clear the fog of sleep, he remembered why he was awake, and traveling to the kitchen.

"Oh yes.... yelling, and clattering about. Wonder who is tampering in there that shouldn't be there." the man mumbled, rubbing his eyes as he pushed open the door to the kitchen. He heard a woman's voice accusing the refrigerator of a variety of diabolical schemes. Shaking his head, he went to the refrigerator and pulled out a drink, popping the top on it.

"It's nothing Glixal... Just a box that keeps food cool and fresh. I stock it from time to time to make sure that we don't run out." Sighing he leaned against the fridge door, taking a nice long drink, before lowering his eyes to meet her crazed gaze.

"Please don't destroy things in the kitchen. If you do, I won't have the means to make your favorite dishes." Lexyl thought that was as good a threat as any, seeing as he didn't dare to physically threaten the intimidating explosives expert. She would wipe the floor with him, and maybe not leave even a thread of his robes to recover.
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Itchy Tasty - The Isotopic Rose had managed to pick herself up from her floor and now stood in the middle of her room, unsure of herself as to what to do. So much space and new things to explore, as well as managing to break the new bed from being so hard and uncomfortable. She truly was at a loss.

**Get it toooogether Fen.**
She raised both hands to her face and slapped her cheeks lightly in a way to bring herself around. With a slow sigh of defeat she finally glanced at the new laptop that sat unopened on the desk in the corner.

**Guess I could check to see what's going on around the Grid, maybe check in on an old friend.**
She nodded in an agreement, hopefully that would take her mind off things. Fenexa gathered up the computer and found herself plopping down back-first against the end of the bed. She stretched her legs out either side as she placed the laptop in the middle and opened the lid. The screen lit up and once one the main screen she pecked away at the keyboard. Just as she was able to hit the enter key to rez in and onto the Grid there was a sudden knock at the door.

"Er, uhhh, oh! Hang on!"
Finding it was Luxan behind the knocking, she stood up and placed the computer on the bed. The Rose approached the door and hestitated a moment, lime eyes wavering. Why not? She did feel bad for treating him the way she had these past weeks. She opened the door somewhat slowly and stepped to the side.

"Sorry for the wait, please come on it~"
Once the Obscurity was in she closed the door behind him and leaned up against it.

"I'm... kind of surprised you want to talk with how I've been acting towards you these few weeks."


"Just a bit, I prefer my tea a little bitter."
Nixrene replied and took the cup that was offered to him. He stared inside at the liquid that swished around then lowered his nose to smell the heavenly aroma. He to a small sip to taste it first, then a bigger sip with a satisfied 'mmm'.

"You're lucky, he couldn't get anything right. Hopefully now things will go OUR way and we can finally prove to Xemnas and his goonies that we're up to par."
The Anemity rambled as he thought back to the old leader's final moment. Of his angel ramming a sword practically down his throat while he held Fenexa back to keep her from interfering, which scarred her more then he had anticipated. But they had dragged her into the mess by using her as bait anyway, so what did he care? Hearing the sudden slurp Nixrene turned to find the sensual licking that Myxia was teasing and could only smirk at the sight as he met her eyes.

"Certain that Xu was behind it? Even knowing that little miss 'Nexa was scheduled for a meeting with him during his time of death?"
The blonde was playing coy, placing the blame elsewhere like he and Xukra had planned. His smirk widened as he settled further back into the bath and downed the rest of the tea.

"To tell you the truth, I'm fine with that knowledge. And you're probably the second person in this castle that doesn't fear her in some way, that's admirable really."
He turned to the side she was sitting on and crossed his arms on the outer edge, all while flexing his back muscles. When the Goddess licked her lips once more he chuckled.

"Oh? Should I turn my back or close my eyes while you slip into something more comfortable? Or should I go?"
Before he even had time to ask, Myxia was in the beginning stages of disrobing . He glanced away as she was making herself comfortable, not wanting to be rude by staring.

"Cake would be lovely."



It was such a loud voice ringing down the hallways and echoing throughout. Eratrx grimaced as he approached the commotion.

"Must you yell? It's too damn early for it!"
The Raver blurted as he approached Xethera and Stefxa.

"Give the kid a break, she just got here!"
Eratrx stared at Xethera with a slight glare. He hadn't gotten to know her but she was woman and that meant trouble anyway. The pantomimer placed his hands on his hips.

"Besides, it's too early for your yelling, Pumpkin!"


The Commodant continued to stare at the white box when Lexyl had entered the kitchen. From the corner of her eye she watched as the pirate opened the door to the box and removed a drink. Her lilac eyes widened in both what could pass as fear and exhileration.

She exclaimed and took a step back, for once in her Nobody life she feared the enemy. Without a second thought she pushed Lexyl off the door and slowly opened it. When the light came on she was all the more curious and closed it again, only to open it. Then yelped and slammed it closed.

"That light! It's a bomb! Quick Lex, get back, don't worry, I got this!"
She jumped to the side of the refridgerator and began looking for the source of wires to defuse it. In her antics she managed to climb on top as she looked for what made this box tick, so to speak. When nothing came up she hurried off the top and placed her hand on the fridge.

"No source of wiring, so we gotta throw this thing out the window, dammit Lex help me!"
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