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Post  Sarah Isaacs on Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:19 pm

Jade hues glanced over when she saw movement in the doorway and watched as Fenexa and Luxan walked in. She shook her head annoyedly at the Tempest and held up the envolope between her middle and index finger, waving it in the air.

"Then I assume you have no idea either.. Xak's not around and he sent a Dusk with another freaking letter, but we aren't aloud to open it till everyones here.."

Xukra paused with a frustrated sigh.

"Where the hell is the other three?"


Luxan had watched as she put all that shimmering hair in her usual clip and tilted his head to the side.

"Maybe the meeting wont last long and you can get a nap then?"

Though somehow he got the feeling it was going to be alot more complicated than that. His attention was brought to Xukra, which made him step back slightly at the sight of her and a little behind the Rose.
What was this about if the Superior wasn't here himself? He wondered as he watched the silverette wave the envolope around.


Amethyst eyes smiled as they glanced over at Eratrx then went back to the sight of Nix still laying on the floor.

"Gotta. Go. To. The. Lounge. For. A. Meeting!" He said it slowly just for him. "The paper says it's so important that if we don't go we'll be punished or even ex- ex- excuted.."

He had trouble saying the last but shook it off with a laugh and used his tall frame to his advantage and pulled Nixrene up to his sleepy feet. He dragged him over to the Raver, grabbed him up by the waist as well, and skipped into a dark portal with a big goofy grin on his face. He skipped right out the other side and right into the backs of the Obscurity and Tempest. Knocking them over...

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Itchy Tasty - "One can only hope Luxan~"
The Rose winked with a slight smile before she turned back to Xukra. She shook her head and shrugged when questioned.

"He doesn't tell me anything anymore. Just sends a Dusk in with a scrolled up piece of paper and viola."
Fenexa spoke as the Broken waved the envelope around then suddenly felt Luxan shift behind her as if hiding. She took a quick glance over her shoulder before it occured to her; Xukra was always on his case about something.
He needed to learn how to stand his ground~

"Hm? Oh, oh yeah."
She had forgotten about the other three.


Executed? Nixrene barked out a laugh as he rolled over onto his back and sat up into a sitting position before getting helped to his feet.

"When have you ever known Xakiri, of all Nobodies, to think of execution? Really? Mister I-Have-A-Fetish-For-Cookies?"
The Anemity stretched an arm out as he was led along by Phoex, cracking his shoulder in the process.

"Not to mention that WE NEVER SEE HIM!"
Eratrx said with a bitter tone. Then found himself giggling as the Dreamer grabbed him.


Fenexa was just in the middle of crossing her arms when--

She hit the marble-white floor with an oomph.
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Bishops Grimm - Xukra facepalmed. They would show up with a bang.
Shaking her head, she minutely ignored the scene they were making in favor of opening up the envelope. Since everyone was here now. She paused and her mind went blank for a moment, then her eyes narrored to slits and her annoyance went to white hot anger in seconds.



He hadn't seen it coming. Suddenly he was knocked to the floor, and like dominos, Fenexa went to the ground before him. Luxan hadn't hit the floor like he initially expected. Disoriented chartreuse eyes looked down and blushed brightly at the sight of the Rose under him.

"Oh my-! I'm so sorry!"

The Obscuirty scrambled to hands and knees and was about to get to his feet and help the smaller Nobody up when Xukra started yelling, and he froze in mid movement.


Phoex has scooted sideways into the room, an innocent expression on his face as he looked down at the two. Only remembering he had hold of the Raver and Anemity a second later. He let them go and put his hands behind his back, looking sheepish.

"Huh? What's going on?"
He wondered when the Broken started yelling.

Then the doors shut on their own and his ears picked up the sound of a lock turning and what sounded like a barricade being placed in front of said door. Amethyst eyes looked around the room, then back at the only exit.

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"Oh my-! I'm so sorry!"

It all happened so fast. First she was standing then the next thing she knew she was on the floor. Fenexa blinked traces of grey strands from her lime hues and looked up, finding Luxan right behind and on top of her. She blushed but it quickly disappeared when Xukra had yelled. Luxan was shuffling behind her now admist the yelling and confusion. In that time the Rose finally pushed herself up from the floor back to a standing point, looked at Luxan, then heard the door slam and lock.


After Phoex had let both of them, Eratrx looked at Nixrene, who was looking at Xukra. The Anemity then turned to watch as the door slammed closed inches from his face, the speed of it blowing his bangs aside.

He stood there staring blankly at the door.

"What the hell!"
The Raver sounded suddenly, his arms crossing at the same speed the door had shut.

Nixrene cocked his head in the Broken's direction.
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Bishops Grimm - Xukra looked up from the piece of paper at the sound of her name from Nixrene. Her jade eyes were hot with anger and also frustration because she didn't have anything to take it out on. She shook the parchment at the group.

"This. That asshole has gone to far this time."
The Broken then proceeded to read out loud, her voice barely recognizable as she growled the words.

"'My Subjects,

Now that you have all gathered, you will now know why.
Your behavior toward each other has been atrocious. I will admit that it is hard to live in close proximity to one another and not really getting to know each other because of your differences. So I came up with an idea.
The six of you will spend the next 34 hours, I added an extra 10 for good measure, locked inside this room. The only exit will be locked and barricaded, you will not be able to summon portals or weapons.
Meals will be provided by the Dusk’s at scheduled times, they are the only ones who can portal in and out. You may use the facilities and shower(don’t use all the hot water taking it one at a time! ;3) if need be which is to your right, and hang up your cloaks in the closet to your left. Don’t think about hiding in either for the entire duration. You will also find blankets and pillows in the closet, enough for everyone. It’ll be up to you to figure out the sleeping arrangements.
Have fun! Think of this as an awesome sleepover~!

P.S. Fenexa, Xukra, I expect you two to be the responsible Superiors I know you are and make sure the rules are followed.
Your Almighty Superior

Once she was done she handed the paper to Fenexa so she could go over it. With that she turned on her heels, and went back over to the window.

Luxan was in complete shock. 34 hours? Trapped in this room with these Nobodies for that long...he was frightened to think of what was going to happen. The Obscurity backed up until his back hit the wall and he slowly scooted sideways, trying to make himself invisible. Hopefully the three that was sure to give him a hard time ignored him for the duration.

Phoex blinked wide amethyst eyes as he stared from Eratrx and Xukra.
The two who had been yelling. Oh yea. This was going to be fun. A sleepover?!
A grin broke across his face and he started bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Then, not able to contain himself, he unzipped his coat in one fluid motion and swung the coat around as he skipped to the middle of the room.

"Why so angry? Let's get this party started!"

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Itchy Tasty - "Greeeeeat."
Nixrene mumbled as he listened to the silverette read off the letter. He groaned in frustration as he turned aorund to pace toward the empty sofa, and flopped with a huff down onto it. He flipped his dark blonde strands of hair from his face and tilted his head back, leaving his hand on his forehead as if nursing a headache.

"Awwwh HELL NO!"
Eratrx threw his arms down to his sides, then suddenly snatched the letter Xukra had handed to the Tempest, amber-hazel eyes glaring down at it like it were a roach.

"Bullshit! He can't keep us locked in here like we're rats!"

"Yes he can.."

"Shut up Nix! Ah, hey, Phoex?"
The Raver turned to watch as the raven-haired Nobody took his coat off.


Follow the rules? These crazy kids? Fenexa shook her head, not even paying mind to when Eratrx grabbed the parchment from her. Lime eyes turned to watch Xukra approach the window, turning suddenly to watch Luxan back himself into a corner like a scared animal. Even Nixrene had sat down. Then there was Phoex, who was excited for the turn of events, and she couldn't help but smile. Home sweet home.

Oh if only.

"Alright, ALRIGHT!"
The Tempest clasped her hands together as loud as she could to bring everyone's attention to her.

"Look, I know all of us are pissy with the current events, but if we're going to survive this, we need to work together."
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Bishops Grimm - Her frustration was plain, as Xukra stared out the window with tense shoulders. What in the world did that fool of a Superior expect them to do? Do each others nails and have pillow fights and tell secrets?
"I don't think so..."
She muttered in a low voice as she glanced over her shoulder at the other five trapped in the room with her. They were already acting like idiots.. And she was about to snap at Eratrx and Phoex when Fenexa raised her voice.

"Work together Fen? What in this non existance are we supposed to do by working together?"
Then Xukra smirked and stalked over to the Tempest. She entwined there fingers together then backed the slightly shorter female across the room and into the bathroom. Before closing the door she gave a coy smirk to the boys, and a wink to Nixrene specifically. Then the door was shut and the latch slid into place.
The silverette turned to her fellow Superior.


Luxan was still slightly nervous but nothing out of the ordinary had happened as of yet, and was about to relax and ask Fenexa a question, when Xukra pulled her stunt and shut them up in the restroom...

Chartreuse eyes stared blankly at the door, and felt stranded now that the Tempest was no longer in the room. The Obscurity then glanced at the others.


The raven haired Nobody blinked and turned when Eratrx said his name.
Then the girls disappeared into the bathroom. He blinked again.
"Why do girls always have to go to the bathroom with each other? Do they need help with something in there?"

Phoex wondered aloud and looked at Nixrene, who he was sure would know the answer. But then the thought left him and he waved his arms around.

"We should make the best of this guys! Why don't we play some awesome sleepover games?!" He span in a circle to look at all three of the guys. "Know any fun ones?"

((hooray for random fastpaced posts lol))
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Itchy Tasty - "Work together Fen? What in this non existance are we supposed to do by working together?"

Fenexa opened her mouth to speak but stopped abruptedly to think about it. But Xukra didn't allow such a commodity, for she had grabbed the Temepst's hand and locked their fingers. The Broken then began her predator-like ways and pushed her across the room toward.. Fenexa looked back and sweatdropped. The bathroom.

The second that the door had latched shut, the Tempest roughly pulled her hand away from the silverette. And scowled.

"What ARE you doing?"
The Tempest barked in a demanding tone.


"Oh, nothing."
Eratrx said as he plomped down on the floor and crossed his legs. He placed his chin in his ahnd and rested his elbow on his leg, his usual pouty face crossing his features.

---"Do they need help with something in there?"

As Phoex asked the question, Nixrene moved his position. He laid on his side facing away from the others and smothered his face in a cushion. He waved his hand at Phoex, his way of saying let it go. But where Nix didn't want to answer, Eratrx stepped in.

"Because girls are nasty creatures. They get off on watching and listening to each other go~"
The Raver sneered as he sat back and watched the taller Nobody begin spinning. Apparently he wasn't listening, which made the amber-eyed Nobody narrow his eyes.

"I know a game. It's called the Quiet Game."
Nixrene mumbled aloud in the pillow.

"Oh shut up Nix!"
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Bishops Grimm - Xukra proceeded to strip off her coat silently, with jade eyes boring into lime. With an everyday motion, she hung the cloak neatly on the back of the door, then hopped onto the sink.

"You should know."

The Broken studied Fenexa with skeptical eyes as she swung one of her legs out in front of her and lifted the edge of the Tempest's own cloak with the tip of her boot in a nonchalant way.

"So Xak really didn't tell you anything about this Fen? I haven't seen the bastard in months. How are the six of us supposed to get through this without killing each other? Because me? Personally. I already want to strangle the crossdresser and the kid."

Xukra ranted before falling silent for the grey haired girls reaction.


Since he was being ignored Luxan scooted over until he came to a seat near the wall and sat, what were they going to do for the next 34 hours?

Phoex frowned. Nixrene was being a jerk, and Erx was in one of his grumpy moods. They were sucking all the fun out of this, or the fun that could be, if they'd give it a chance.
So he pounced on Nix after he turned over and straddled him while shaking his shoulder.

"Come ooooonnn. I know that game, and it's no fun. I know you can think of something better than that!" The Dreamer then looked to Eratrx. "What about you? Know any games we could play? Because really, if all you guys are going to do is be grumps the whole time it wont be any fun."

And then the pout started. The big amethyst eyes begging the blonde to pitch in on his conquest for a good time.


It was her first time in the Sanctum, she'd been recruited a few weeks ago and was finally stationed here. She had rumors about this place being where they dump rejects and that the Superior in charge had a few screws loose and didn't follow orders, and didn't lead his people right. To Myxia, that just sounded like fun and she was glad for her new home. It wasn't so bad, from what she'd seen.

She was following a Dusk down the hall, apparently there was a 'sleepover' going on and she just got her invitation. The white jelloing thing opened a portal and the pink haired pixie stepped through right in the middle of Phoex's monologue.

"I agree with the cutie. We should definately get to having some serious fun~"
Myxia smiled brightly and put her hands on her hips as she cocked them to the side.
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Itchy Tasty - You should know? Fenexa narrowed her eyes at the comment. The grey-haired Nboody watched as her fellow superior made herself nice and comfy upon the sink, then looked down as Xukra began toeing at the ends of her coat. With a flick of the wrist Fenexa pulled her coat away from the Broken and re-adjusted herself before retreating backwards to lean against the door.

"Nope, I honestly don't. Actually, the last time I saw him was several weeks ago helping out with something over at Oblivion. Althooooough...--"


Nixrene made an umph! sound when the Dreamer settled himself upon him. The blonde's shoulder began shaking violently that second afterward, causing him to glare up at Phoex.

"Go play with Luxan, Phoex. HE looks like he NEEDS a good time."
The Anemity replied. Even though he couldn't see him, Nixrene knew the burgundy-haired Nobody was moving about to try and make himself go unnoticed.

Eratrx continued to sit in a huffy-puffy state, amber hues scowling at the floor.

"I agree with the cutie. We should definately get to having some serious fun~"

The sudden vocie caught him off caught that he almost fell fully onto the floor. Before Eratrx stood... some purple-haired chick he had never seen in his entire life.

"Uhh? Who the hell are you?!"
The Raver pointed a finger at the sudden intruder, mouth hanging open.


"Let's blow a hole in this place!"
Another portal opened beside the purple-haired newcomer's, revealing forest-green hair and lilac-colored hair that of another female Nobody. Glixal smiled wide, a psycho's kind of grin as she looked about. But it disappeared when she looked around to see the others trapped in the room.

"The hell?"
The Commadant glared. This wasn't what she had expected, at all.


"I'm guessing he failed to mention to you that we were getting TWO new recruits today?"
The Tempest continued on, a smile lightly playing across her lips. She watched Xukra closely as she opened the bathroom door and stepped to the side to reveal the forms of Myxia and Glixal.
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SoulofDarkness - A man with strange multicolored eyes, and a chefs neckerchief appeared through a portal into the room, sighing as he did so. "Bloody hell. Locked away in the brig, and worst of all.... Can't cook a thing in here!" Lexyl grimaced as he spoke those last words, assessing everyone in the room, trying to figure out who to greet, and who to just plain avoid.

As his gaze fell upon the Superiors, he shuddered, quickly averting his eyes, instead choosing to walk over toward the friendlier looking man with the black and red braids.


Right where the Steward appeared just a second earlier, a second portal opened up, revealing a woman with wild curly, bright orange hair, and bright crimson eyes. Grinning mischievously the Trickster strode forward as the portal dissipated behind her.

"Oh this is going to be a riot. Can't wait to see what sort of mischief will happen." As she spoke those words, she licked her lips and placed her hands on her hips. She couldn't wait to see what kind of tricks she could pull, as well as what kind of trouble those already in the room would cause without her help.
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Bishops Grimm - Xukra narrowed her eyes at the Isotopic and pushed off the sink growling as Fen leaned against the door. Before she could grab the front of her coat, the grey haired Nobody opened the door to two new neophytes.

"Who the hell are they?"

Then two more came through portals on afte rthe other. This damn place was getting down right crowded. "You said two new Nobodies. Not four. Don't suppose you know anything about thm huh?" Was Xu's snapping reply


Phoex slid off of Nix onto a couch cushion and stared sort of owlishly at all the newcomers. Luxan wasn't far behind the Dreamers reaction as he stood against the windowsill, the furthest away in the room.

Phoex then looked up at the brunette who came over to stand by him. "Who're you?" he said with wide curious eyes.


"Ah! It's Glixy~" Myx smiled wide and fiddled with with the fur on the one armed Nobodies coat. "But yes. I'm Myxia~"

She winked to the room in general and strutted into the center in her very short coat like she owned the place. Cobalt eyes then shifted to the two in front of the bathroom and eyed the hostile one.
Oh yeah. This was going to be a good time. Just so many people who seemed so easy to mess with.
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Itchy Tasty - Fenexa threw her hands up in a defensive 'I'm sorry, I surrender!' kind of pose as Xukra approached her. As Myxia and Glixal made their appearances, so did two new Nobodies. To which the Rose didn't know about.

"Well, they're new.. I never got their reports. So you're right, I don't know about those two."
She said as the Broken questioned her. Fenexa was already aquianted with Glixal, having met her the second she arrived at the Sanction. As for Myxia, she was interested in meeting her. But the other two.. A cook and a Halloween freak? Fenexa slapped a fist into her palm.

"No time like the present to get introduced! You four, report!"


Nixrene rolled over as Phoex got off him, only to find his eyes wandering to the breasts of the pinkish-purple haired Nobody that had joined their gang.

He murmured, blinking childishly before he shook his head to collect himself.

Eratrx caught the Anemity in action and laughed, pointing a single gloved finger at blonde.

"AHA! Hey Xuuuuu~ Your... MAN is eyeballin' the new chick!"


"Myx-chan, my favorite gal~"
The Commodant replied as the neophyte played with her coat. She patted Myxia on her head in a 'you're such a good girl' kind of way.

"You four, report!"

At the sudden exclaimation, Glixal shot her left arm up in a salute, clapping her forest green boots together in an army men fashion.

"The Envious Commodant! Don't mind the left-armed salute, sir!"


"Oh, good Kindgom.."
Eratrx rolled his eyes at the four new bodies. He jumped over the sofa and joined Luxan on the other side of the room.

"Hey, Lux."
He nudged the burgundy-haired Nobody.

"If this place gets any more crowded, let's blow this popsiscle stand and get the hell out."


Lime eyes blinked at the Commodant's reaction.

"Er.. oh jeez, um. At ease, soldier? I just want to know the names of the four of you."
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SoulofDarkness - Grinning at the man whom he was standing beside, Lexyl figured he'd answer both questions at once, rather than introduce himself twice. So with a twirl, letting his cloak billow out around him for dramatic effect he turned toward the two Superiors and bowed low. "Lexyl... Lexyl the Unsung Steward lass. That's me."

Then he thought to himself for a minute, and grinned big as he met the Superiors eyes with his own multicolored ones. "Also.... There's a giant floating ship outside of this place now. Figgered I'd warn ya."

----------------------------------- ------

Shaking her head Xethera walked up beside the two in the center of the room, apparently named Myxia and Glixy? She thought this to herself then smirked. No matter, the Trickster would be learning everyones names soon enough. Winking at the two women beside her, she held her arm out in front of her palm up, and introduced herself.

"Xethera. The Corrosive Trickster." She loudly stated, smiling a toothy grin at the Superiors. Then the Trickster turned a single crimson eye to the women beside her, speaking low to them. "You two seem far more fun than the others. Even with that stiff demeanor you got goin' on there with the salute, Glixy."

She chuckled to herself as she said this, slowly turning her gaze fully to the two beside her to take in their appearance, to memorize it for later when she decided whether she wanted to let them in on her tricks or not.
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