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Post  Sarah Isaacs on Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:21 pm

Bishops Grimm - Xukra smirked as her kisses made their way down his neck at his reaction to her touch. Her own skin tingling where his hands ran over her.

Pale hands came up to rest on his chest, thumbs flicking across the dusky nubs, making them harden. Then her hips moved just slightly until the slit of her pussy was resting on the hardness of Nixrene's erection. She was so wet, and it made it all to simple to slide against him, rubbing her clit teasingly.
The pleasure of the sensitive bundle of nerves jumping at the slight action, making her back bow.

The silverette bit down on the tan neck before coming back up to stare into heterochromatic eyes with her own clouding jade
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Itchy Tasty - Groans of carnal pleasure managed to escape from the back of his throat as his body was assaulted by the Broken. He thrived under her, bucking ever so slightly when she teased both him and herself with her lower movements. Nixrene, dispite himself, reached a hand under Xukra to grab his package and rubbed the tip of his head between her slit.

As he did so, Nixrene raised up slightly to press their torsos together then dipped his head to suckle the space between the Broken's breasts. And when his hand tired of teasing he left his erection in a spot where she could easily access it for her mount. The same hand wandered up her stomach and over Xukra's boob, fully groping and feeling, tweaking her own nipple as she had his.
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Bishops Grimm - A shudder went through her as he gave his attention to her breast when he rose up. Not able to take it anymore, her left hand came up and gripped the back of his hair tightly and jerked back. Bringing his face up, Xukra immediately assaulted his lips with tongue and teeth, then delved in deeper.

In the midst of the heated kiss, the silverette positioned herself just right above his cock and in one fast slick movement took him inside her all the way to the hilt. Taking him in illicited a drawn out groan from her with just that one feeling, making her break away from the kiss.
Giving no time, she got her feet under her and started moving up and down on his erection hard and fast.
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Itchy Tasty - Nixrene nearly yelped in pain when his hair and head were jerked back, but was quickly replaced with another low groan when Xukra attacked his mouth. And when she finally slid down his shaft, it was all he could do ut not scream. When she broke the feverish kiss, the Anemity took her hands in his and laid back, holding her steady as she worked him.
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Bishops Grimm - She entwined her fingers with his when he took her hands. Her hips rocked and bounced wildly on his cock, the hardness hitting the very end of her as the actual shaft rubbed up against her g-spot.
The silverette's head was tossed back, hair flying, eyes closed. Her mouth was open allowing the constant moans to echo into the night sky. The she looked back down at him, eyes glowing against the dark.
The Broken bent over him, hips still moving up and down, but now at a torturously slow pace, for him and for her. She licked his lips then nibbled there and worked her way down his jawline and down that marvelously tan neck. With teeth and tongue she worked the sensitive skin just under his right ear. Her moans much closer.
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Itchy Tasty - The Anemity was gone, lost in the torture, the lust, and the ectasy of their sexual thrill. His hips pushed up to bury himself deeper inside the Broken as his own head bent back to release a sudden yelp. Nixrene's own eyes began their chromatic glow, the blue speckles growing to block out the yellowish host.

He released Xukra's hands, only to dig into the ground at his sides to brace for what was coming. The blonde slowly opened his eyes to find the woman above him staring at him with her own glowing hues, and he knew it was time.

Nixrene buckled beneath the Nobody before him as she began her nibbling. He couldn't handle it anymore, couldn't keep it contained. His hands suddenly gripped her hips to hold her in place and with a triumph cry released the explosion that had built in the tip of his shaft.
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Bishops Grimm - When Nixrene took his hands from hers in favor of gripping the ground, Xukra levered herself by putting both hands on his abdomen so she could keep her balance while still driving down onto him.
A mewl that mixed with a growl came from her throat as she watched him lose it beneath her. The sight gave her a pleasure that an orgasm couldn't.
As he held her hips and shot into her, Xukra shuddered at the feeling of the liquid filling her. But she didn't relent.

The silverette continued to rock and tightened her muscles down there to keep him in place. Her two fingers snuck down between her own legs and started rotating roughly on her clit. Her breathing got heavier, and she started twitching above him with yet another oncoming orgasm.

When it built up and flowed over, Xukra started writhing and practically dancing on Nixrene's used up cock. When she had finally driven herself into maddening shudders she fell on him, gulping in air.

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Itchy Tasty - Even after his orgasm ahd used up his ebtter half, Xukra still continued her reigns. He still groaned and moaned and writhed under her, begging and wishing his erection would come back so they could continue the dance. But instead he laid there and gripped her thighs and let her do the work.

Nixrene watched as she began playing with herself and licked his lips, getting hot watching. And when she finally let out another orgasm, the Anemity knew they were both done and over.
The Broken collapsed on top of him, causing him to omph. A wicked grin crossed his sweaty features and he raised his hand up between her legs. He dug his finger inside her, twisting and gripping at her clit to check to see if she was truly done.


He knew that meant so and removed his finger to lay still under her, to soak up what energy residue was left between them.

"Mm indeed~"
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Bishops Grimm - The silverette shuddered at the roughness he showed her clit and bit his side in response. She couldn't take anymore right now, she was far to sensitive for the touch. Jade eyes peeked up under lilac bangs and grinned wickedly, then flicked her tongue over his nipple before rolling off him and sitting beside his prone body.

"I suppose that will be the last time we'll be having so much fun for awhile.."

With a dissapointed frown she brought her hand up to push back her hair out of her face and shaking it out behind her, perfectly comfortable being completely naked around him.
In reality she wasn't looking forward to the particular mission she was tasked with, it was going to take weeks on recon. Not to mention actually doing something about the little problem.. Then her eyes traveled back over to the perfectly tanned muscled body and made their way up to look into heterchromatic hues.

"Gonna miss me~?"
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Itchy Tasty - Used up, Nixrene laid still under the silverette. The only sound he could muster was a small grunt when she attacked the small nub on his chest. And was relieved when the Broken finally rolled off him. Nixrene brushed his bangs from his own forehead and found himself smirking as he listened to Xukra's words.

"Mm, yeah.. Shame I can't go with you."
The blonde said as he pushed himself onto his side and propped his head into his hand. His chromatic hues stared at his beloved, both stern and sad that she was going to depart for her mission.

"And of course I'm going to miss you. Always do."
He gave her arm the lightest of touches as he ran his index and middle finger up her forearm.
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Bishops Grimm - She shuddered as he touched her arm but raised her eyebrows at him. "Seriously? You've never said anything like that before.."

Xukra smirked down at him and twirled his gold lock of hair. She knew she was supposed to be flushed and delighted...A frown crossed her face.
"I miss you everytime too... but I've got to go. There's a lead about getting our hearts back and I wanted t o check it out myself."

The Broken leaned forward and kissed Nixrene lightly before getting up and summoning a dark portal and seeped into the darkness without looking back as she held her chest.

2weeks later

The silverette waded onto the beach from dark waters. The place was desolate and quiet. Almost tranquil. Her mission kept leading her to different places with different rumors. This place was the strangest, she hadn't meant to come here. Xukra sat on the broken log and watched the moonlit dark water rush in and out, losing herself in the quiet.


Pink hair flicked around the corner as Myxia danced through the hallways of the saction. Her voice rang against the white walls, singing to the beat in her head. Voluptuous hips swated and rotated, arms raised, she twirled and laughed. No inhibitions or cares of who might see. The Colossal Goddess shook and moved, singing her way down where the bedrooms were located.
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Itchy Tasty - "I haven't?"
The blonde asked as he raised a brow. He looked down to watch the silverette play with his bang and he pouted his lips, trying his best to look sad and puppy dog-like in hopes she'd stay.

Nixrene couldn't stop her, but he could be unhappy about it. Before she got up, he grabbed Xu's wrist as she kissed him and followed through with his own kiss. Then let his hand slide away from her as she disappeared.


It had been an agonizing two weeks without Xukra around the Sanction. He hoped to pass the time with a mission of his own, but no. He didn't get an update and instead spent most of his free time sulking around and playing with Binxs, when the transmorph wasn't with Phoex. But now the dragon-like creature was off with the Dreamer, which left Nixrene laying on one of comfy black sofas misplaced in a hallway of his home. Chromatic hues stared blankly at the white ceiling and he sighed half-heartedly.

But then he happened to stop and look around, searching for the sign of the sudden movements coming from one of the halls.

*That sounds like.. whatshername, Myxia?*
He thought as he raised up to see where she was coming from.
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