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- Xukra went through the wood at a slowe pace now, then veered to the right and wandered deeper and deeper until she saw the trees start thinning and you could see a feild beyond it.

The Broken stopped at the edge and looked out at the expansive clearing, she could just see the tip of a large house further in the distance, and there hadn't been any heartless to contend with through the whole forest. She was a little furstrated.

She turned to Nixrene, who had been following her obediantly this whole time, and smirked at him. Hands on hips, she studied him, lips parted.

She got his full attention when she said his name but blinked in confusion. How was he acting torward her? He was being polite wasn't he? Luxan stopped thinking for a minute, as the Rose brought him to his feet.

" should I act toward you then?"

He stumbled over his words and blushed as she stood close to him. The Obscurity shifted his weight from foot to foot as he peered down at the map.
Finally the blush faded to a slight tinge of pink on his tan face, barely noticable, then he pointed to a little nook in the third district. It had a elemental symbols over it.

"Do you think this may be what we're looking for?"

Chartreuse eyes looked down at the top of the grey head in question.


Phoex blushed bright red but pouted once more.

" 'm not cute.."

As if to prove this point, mostly going on instinct and letting his body drive, the Dreamer touched his hand to Eratrx's chin and tilted his head back. Then he cautiously kissed him right on the lips. After a moment of just laying them there he worked them slowly against the shorter males.
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Itchy Tasty - The blonde followed silently all the way while trying his best to avoid the branches and twigs that tore fabric. He mumbled, disgruntled by the fact that the sharp branches were beginning to sting his skin and tangle in his unkempt bang.
Nixrene finally made it out of the forest and stopped in his tracks to find Xukra standing and staring at him.

He replied with sleepy eyes.

After a moment's rest he finally paced over to stand before the Broken, taking a glance at the scenic image behind her.

"Sooo... why are we here again?"


The Rose paused. How did she want to be treated? Everyone at the Sanction treated her differently from one another, but that was the same for everyone. She let a lonely smile cross her lips as she looked into Luxan's face.

"I want you to treat me as an equal. Not a princess or a pampered damsel. Not as a Superior, just an.. equal."
As she spoke she caught his blush and his weight shift and let out a light giggle. He was acting like he had never stood next to a girl~ And it was kinda cute. But it was quickly over as he pointed to a spot on the forgotten sheet of paper. Fenexa raised the map to her face to get a better view of the symbols, studying them.

"Hmmm. Could be, but we'll have to go and investigate further. How about we head there now?"


" 'm not cute.."

At the words, Eratrx was about to giggle like a school girl when--
Phoex had tilted his head back with a simple grasp of his chin and planted his lips on his. The Raver's amber hues lit up in surprise at the sudden action and all he could do for the moment was stand in shock.

But as Phoex continued, even working his mouth, Eratrx caved. He wrapped his arms around the Dreamer's waist in an embrace and followed with his own lips.
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Bishops Grimm - She turned her back to him once more, right after giving him a smirk. Playing with him.

"You mean you forgot already? We're here to do a mission."

And that mission seemed to be a fruitless effort at this point. No Heartless meant no Hearts.. Where the hell was this great magical being who was supposed to be making fake ones that were supposed to act as legit ones?
Surely that kind of thing would attract all kinds of beings. . . She had gotten lost in thought as she looked out over the feilds.


He wasn't sure he was able to do that. She was a lady and one with a higher rank than his own. His upbringing taught him to respect both. But if that's what she wanted.

The red haired Nobody nodded at her when she proclaimd they would need to investigate. He knew this..he just wished she didn't have to go back out there amongst all those Heartless. There he went again. Sighing he put his hand over his his chest where his heart was supposed to be, where, standing before her, he felt a flutter. Which only made him blush again.

"Je ferai ce que ma femme veut. Peu importe le coût."


Amethyst eyes widened at the blondes reciprocation. He hadn't expected him to return the kiss. With that delicious mouth moving with his, something in him he had never felt before craved for more.

His body still moving on instinct, while his mind was reeling at the new feeling and was a bit confused, he groaned into the kiss and took it deeper, backing Eratrx up and gently pressing him to the cave wall.
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Itchy Tasty - "No."
Nixrene simply said.

Forgotten? Him? Psssht. He remembered what they were here to do. Nixrene sat down behind the Broken when she turned to look at the field. Chromatic hues stared at her backside for the longest time before lowering down to look at the field from the side. After sitting in silence for what seemed like forever, the Anemity finally looked up into the spot he knew the Broken would look at him from.

"Let's kill Xakiri."


The grey-haired Nobody looked up when Luxan began speaking in another language. A smile slowly crept on her lips as he clutched at the place his heart should be. A memory maybe? Sinking feeling? Whatever the reason, thought, memory, etc, it was kinda cute to watch the Obscurity.

"Come on~ Let's go get this done~!"


Came the sound from Eratrx's muffled mouth as he was pushed. He followed Phoex's movement, mimicking his tongue as best he could from his position. And after several fever-filled moments he pulled away to catch his breath, the blush on his cheeks colored a deep red.

Eratrx finally said with a cheesy, bashful grin.
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Bishops Grimm - Her thoughts were broken as her back stiffened at Nixrene's 'suggestion'.
Xukra turned to him, arms crossed under her breasts, eyes as calm as any sociopaths on this particular topic. The Broken had thought of many ways to kill Xakiri herself. It was odd hearing it from the laid back blonde though.

"Where is this coming from?"
Her voice was low and thoughtful as she studied him.


A sad wistful smile crossed the mans lips as her own lips tilted up. Though he shouldn't have expected the Tempest to understand what he had said. But Luxan nodded and the smile shifted to something a little more cheerful.
The Obscuity bowed his head, then stopped and jerked back up blushing.

"Sorry! And you just told me to stop doing things like that.."

He put his hands over his face, the other extended out, gesturing for her to precede him. It wasn't to treat her any certain way, but Luxan felt he needed to compose himself and try to drill it into his head to accomplish what she asked of him.


Phoex took in a shuddering breath when Eratrx pulled away. His hands rested against the rock on either side of the blonde head, a deep blush burning his cheeks. He looked with glazed amethyst eyes into hazel.

He didn't know why he did that all of a sudden, it was impulse. He didn't regret it at all. It had FELT too good. A pink tongue shot out and licked his lips.

"Can we do that again."
He looked like an innocent kid again asking for a treat.
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Itchy Tasty - The blonde shrugged with a slight smile.

"Payback for locking us all in a room together?"
Nixrene sat forward, placing his arms on his propepd up knees as he stared at Xukra. The smile he had slowly began to disappear from his lips.

"Mostly it's coming from... well, the temptation of being able to accomplish it."
Chromatic hues narrowed.

"I've thought about this for awhile now. And now I think it's time I told someone. I trust you the most. Xakiri is never around when we need him, right? And all the information he gives us usually end in false leads or wild goose chases. So.."
He stopped briefly to see if she were still listening.

"You and I... murder the bastard. Cold blood, no strings attached, just us. We push Fenexa to the top, or.."
Nixrene let out a quick grin.

"Push YOU to the top, to the rank of Superior.. If you were so inclined~ Atleast anything we receive intel-wise would get us somewhere. Xak's out of the picture, we follow a new leader. We can work out the kinks afterwards~"
As he spoke Nixrene stood up and brushed off his clothes free from grass and placed his hands on his hips. His brow raised as he studied the silverette, searching for any kind of defiance for such an idea.

"What do you say~?"


If she could of sweat-dropped, she would have. But instead Fenexa shook her head and lightly giggled.

"I guess a few here-there bows and gestures would be okay~"
Watching Luxan act this way, it was still kinda cute.. As he extended his arm after covering his face, the Tempest couldn't help but again shake her head and follow out back onto the streets of the city.


"Can we do that again."

Eratrx's own cheeks were burning, only to burn harder at the question/comment. He gazed into Phoex's eyes for a long time then slowly shook his head side to side.

"I think once is enough for now.. We need to get moving if we want to get back home before dinner~"
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Bishops Grimm - Xukra listened to Nixrene intently without a word. Her eyes were unreadable as she listened to his explanation. She always figured it was only her who had thought about killing the man she had known since Oblivion.

Cold blood, no strings attached, so...adequate. The words alone made her wet. She always did love a good exectution, even as a Sombody, or especially because of it, since she was the one who dealt them out.
As Nixrene stood, the Broken stepped closer and rested her arms on either of his shoulders and looked up into his eyes with a coy grin.

"Being Superior sounds verrry~ appealing." She purred. "But. Would you really want me to be The Superior?"

With that she tugged on the lond piece of blonde hair and bit harshly on his lower lip. All while grabbing his crotch and putting pressure on his dick and balls. After a moment she stepped back while licking her lips and put her hands on her hips.

"I do agree though, and I think it would be fun." Twisting a piece of her hair, she considered. "We need to plan it for just the right moment...I'm not even sure he's been staying in the castle anymore. Atleast..neither Fenexa or I have had a meeting with him for some time now."

Xukra paced back to the edge of the woods and watched as the sun set, mind plotting and running with so many ideas for after the job was done.
They had a new mission, and the excitement from the idea of the kill practically emanated from her. Her blood was boiling and she wanted to burn some of it, dancing even sounded appealing, even in these shoes.


Luxan smiled and followed Fenexa out into the alley. When they got out there though, the heartless started a restless scurry around the area. Now the Obscurity grimaced. How were they going to get through this? The he had an idea.

"Voulez-vous l'esprit si je nous enveloppe dans mon thread?"

He looked to the Tempest in question, then backed her to the wall with his body as a sheild as two Heartless decided to attack. He strung them up with his red string but the first attack brought on more.

"Je vais l'utiliser comme in bouclier nous ne serons jamais le faire a travers le cas contraire, mon dame Fenexa."

He said it urgently but had no idea he was speaking in french and she couldn't understand him. He looked over his shoulder at her with chartreuse hues. Then one of the black demons jumped up and scratched him on the exposed neck and he winced.

"Fils d'un-"


Looking dejected at the 'refusal', Phoex put his hands in his pockets and kicked a loose rock across the cave.

"Ok..Let's go...."

Sighing in a pouty way the Dreamer walked further into the cave. He figured he wasn't any good at the kissing thing and that's why Eratrx didn't want to do it again, so he plotted. Maybe practice? But how? Would Nix help? He seemed to kiss Xukra an awful lot. . .

Since he was so lost in thought he didn't see the low formation of rock up ahead and smacked his head right into it. Yelping, Pho crouched his tall form down and held his aching head in his hands.
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Itchy Tasty - Nixrene found himself smiling at the comment, and even more so when the woman before him approached him and placed her arms around his shoulders. He looked down at her, his smiling never fading.

"THE Superior? Why not? I highly doubt Fen would be able to handle the role, don't you think as--ah-ow!"
As Xukra tugged and bit at his hair and lips, the Anemity yelped lightly, not expecting the sudden pain. And then a groan managed to escape from the back of his throat as his package was assaulted. His lust from earlier came back and as he reached for the female Nobody, Xukra has stepped away to elave him cold once more.

"I do agree though, and I think it would be fun."

The blonde cocked his head as he re-adjusted himself and let out a quick hmph sound.

"Are you SO sure about that? Xak's whereabouts from Nexa, I mean. Didn't you say she was acting a bit strange about it back during the sleepover?"
As he spoke, Nixrene walked toward Xukra to stand behind her. He felt the heat radiating off her being, the feel of it bring about another quick smirk as he wrapped his arms around her waist and swayed the both of them back and forth.

"Think about it."
The blonde whispered in her ear as he moved them slowly to and fro.


The Tempest was about to continue on down through the alley when Luxan began pushing her into a wall. She looked up at the male, eyes narrowing in a hint of anger at the sudden intrusion then blinking out as she watched what he was doing.

"Je vais l'utiliser comme in bouclier nous ne serons jamais le faire a travers le cas contraire, mon dame Fenexa."

Whaaaat? Had there been time Fenexa would of cocked her head to the side like a dog being spoke to in baby-speak, but instead watched as the Heartless' attack made contact on Luxan's skin.
And then lime eyes turned hateful.

With a flick of the wrist, the attacking Heartless began freezing feet-first to the pavement. The grey-haired Nobody had raised a hand between the Obscurity's arm and pit, her index and pinky fingers raised and pointed at the creature.

"If you don't mind, as we stand here and do this, Luxan, what did you just say?"


As Phoex began his pouty state, Eratrx had turned his head away and licked his lips. He knew he had hurt the other Nobody's "feelings", and now didn't want to look at him. He started following Phoex as he began walking through the cave in total silence, lost in his own thoughts for the moment.

"Okay so, mission recap. wait, what were we suppose to be looking into?"

Looking up from his mumbling self, Eratrx watched as Phoex fell to a crouch and held his head. The Raver stopped in his tracks and shook his head.

"Jeezbus Pho, why are you so tall?!" (( Nyahaha ;P ))
As he spoke, the blonde skipped to his fallen comrade and bent down to investigate.

"Come on, let Doctor Erx see~"


Glixal hissed in satisfaction. Part of Hollow Bastion had been engulfed in flames, and the sight was... beeeeeautiful~! The Commodant had been paired with the other neophyte, Myxia, on this mission, and Myxia was nowhere to be found. She had said something about a man with fairy wings on his back and ran off, leaving the ex-Hun to do the dirty work.

No matter.

Glixal placed her left arm on her hip as she watched the flames burn across a part of the city. The cliffside she had chosen to watch the show from was better then she had expected; wasn't too far away from the scene, and not so far up that she couldn't smell the debris burning. Her smile widened, imitating that of a psychopath's.

"Hey Myx, you're missing the movie~!"
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SoulofDarkness - Standing behind the captains wheel of his ship, Lexyl grinned. He along with Xethera, who was definitely not his first choice of partners for a mission, let alone his first choice of people to be alone with, were in charge of extraction.

Sure they could use the Corridors, but maybe they might have something too big for that? In any case, he didn't care. He liked being out of the way of danger.

" 'Oy! Xethera! Any changes on land?" The Steward called out. Despite not liking her, he knew that she was able to keep him safe, and even more important, keep his ship safe.

----------------------------------- ---------------------------------

"Nothing cook." Xethera yelled back. She just met him not terribly long ago, and still she knew how to press his buttons. It was a gift, really.

"But if you really can't see it, you're missing one hell of a show. Flames as far as the eye can see. Gotta admit, that one armed chick knows how to get things done. Too bad I'm not down there to cause chaos as well."

She sighed as she said the last bit, jumping down from the crows nest. She walked up to the stern of the ship, leaning over the edge to admire the flames.
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Bishops Grimm - Xukra tensed and blinked when Nix held her from behind, then immediately relaxed in his arms. She melted back into himand let them sway and then he whispered in her ear and she shivered but her mind sharpened with the implications.

"So you think Fenexa knows whats going on with Xakiri?"

The silverette ground her ass into Nixrene, rolling her hips. It was hard to think about Fen as someone she wad going to go through to get to Xak. They had started this together but Xukra seems to have been left in the dark about where the Sanction and it's Nobodies were going. Remembering how the Isotopic had acted at the sleepover.

She turned in the blondes arms and wrapped her own arms behind his neck, jade eyes intent on heterochromatic. Xu laid a kiss on soft lips then pulled away slightly with a tender look.


Blushing at the touch, the Obscurity pulled his other hand into his side making a fist and pulled. The crimson threads glowed bright and all the Heartless that were frozen to the ground popped. They just popped into dark matter. While the other hand healed as fast as it was injured.

"Huh? Um...oh.."

He just realised he had been speaking french. "I was wondering if it would work better if..." He flailed his hands about not knowing how to explain to the Rose what he meant in english.
"Vous sevez bien... I'll make a path with my thread.. like a barrier."
He was blushing fiercely as he averted his eyes from Fenexa, not able to believe how much he was embarrassing himself. So, taking the initiative, he brought his threads in close and spreading them into a long tunnel, pressing the Heartless back. His fingers and chest twinged as the black claws clashed on the outside but he walked forward.

"Right this way my lady."


Rubbing his head with watery eyes, Phoex leaned his head toward the Raver so he could see. "I don't know why I'm so tall. It was so much easier before becoming a Nobody."

The dreamer pouted up at the blonde as he flopped back on his butt. Then suddenly the ground reverberated under him and his head shot around toward the flash of fire toward the town. He scrambled over to the edge of the rocks to get a better look.

"Erxy look!"

On the otherside of Radiant Garden, Myxia was in the middle of punching Leon in the face and sending him flying off a rooftop whenn the explosion hit. She raised her face to watch the flames dance over the city.

"That would be Glixy."

The Goddess strutted across the tiles and jumped from roof to roof to reach Glixal. She then spotted the ship flying through the air. She stoppd just above the Commamdants point and flailed her arms out puckering her lips up at the ship.

"Ay Cap'n!"

Then she dropped down by the one armed woman." We're about to get some company honey. A hurde of 'em were running this a way." But she wasn't to terribly worried about it.
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Itchy Tasty - "I don't think, I KNOW something is going on between those two. Even you got to admit to yourself that she's changed since she got that new hi-tech body suit. And you're not helping come up with a kill plan by teasing my penis!"
Nixrene smacked Xukra on her ass and smiled ear to ear as he did. He chuckled as she spun in his arms and quieted down to return the kiss. When Xukra pulled away he lightly grabbed her chin with a single digit and pushed her face back to let their eyes meet.

"What's that look for?"


Fenexa had to smile when she heard the Heartless popped. Silly creatures, the lot of them! The Rose sparked a yellow tech visor over her eyes as she cracked the whip against another of the Heartless' round head, beating it back to give Luxan time to creature the barrier.

"Hey, whatever helps to that we don't get overrun by these a-holes, go for it!"
She threw up a gloved thumbs up before turning and kicking one of the creatures, causing it to fall into the alley's sewage water.

"That'll teach ya~"
The Rose turned back to Luxan, who had made with simple thread a pathway. She smiled as she placed a hand on her hip while the other returned the bullwhip back into a sentry baton.

"Never knew you had it in you Luxan. You surprise me."
She said as she entered the tunnel.


"Aaawh. Don't give me those eyes."
Eratrx patted the black and red-haired Nobody's head, thens troked it like you would a puppy. As soon as Phoex sat back the Raver stood up and dusted himself off from the debris, only to find himself swaying as the earth shook beneath him.

"The hell was that?!"

"Erxy look!"

He joined Phoex then, looking into the direction the Dreamer was and blinked.

"What is that?"


Glixal at this point was laughing hysterically as everything burned. There were people in the city trying desperately to put out the fires as quickly as she could, and this caused her laughter. She raised her hand and let her fingers mimic that of a puppeteer, gesturing towards the town.

"Even at this rate you'll never put them out fast enough!"
There was a noise then, causing the Commodant to stop and stand still, her ears perking to listen around her. When she recognized the footsteps she eased up.

"Ah, Myx-chan~ Nice of you to finally show up. A horde you say?"
The green-haired Nobody waved her hand, causing one of her pineapple grenades to appear. She began tossing it up and down in her palm like you would a baseball as she turned her head to the pink-haired Nobody beside her.

"Let them come! Hehheh..haha!"
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SoulofDarkness - Running her hands through her hair, Xethera grinned at what was going on below the ship. Myx had come running up. The Trickster motioned to Lexyl to land the ship, which he grudgingly did, muttering under his breath about having to be in the thick of things.

"Oh calm down now cook, It's good for you to have some fun every now and then! Smile, like me!" With that she turned her head toward the brunette, a twisted grin on her face as her warblades appeared in her hands.

"After all... Life is all about fun, isn't it?"

No sooner than the ship had landed Xethera jumped over the side, landing with a dull thud, her wild hair covering up her face. Brushing the hair away, she strode over to where the two other Nobodies were located, seemingly dancing with anticipation at what was to come.

----------------------------------- -------------------

Shuddering at the look on Xethera's face, Lexyl turned his head away to continue his muttering. He would never be able to get along with this woman, and now she had him dropping the ship down into the middle of a warzone! Or so that's what it seemed to be, judging by the explosions and fires caused by The Commodant.

As soon as the ship dropped to the ground, Xethera had jumped overboard. Moving away from the wheel Lexyl peered over the side to see her moving toward the other Nobodies. In the distance he could see something besides the burning city, but he couldn't quite make out what it was.

"Alright then! I'll just be here... guarding me ship... all alone.. with no assistance!" He yelled out, hoping to get somebody to turn around and return to the ship. If nobody turned and came back, he would have to leave the ship and join the group, and he did NOT want to do that.
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