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Post  Sarah Isaacs on Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:27 pm

Sky blue eyes looked up from his half eaten cookie and his ears laid flat and his tail swished with the new information on the wolf.

So that's how it is...

He was a little dissappointed. He hadn't gotten much out of Valtiel except blushing and standoffish actions. Leave it to Hylidae... Haven also realised that this means Valtiel has someplace to go back to and would leave regardless..

While he was lost in thought he continued to nibble on his cookie till his attention was pulled back by Hyla once more. Nodding his blonde head in affirmation he looked to his other guest.

"Um.. do you mind going back into my room? The movies still on soo that can keep you from getting to bored for now~"

He smiled at Valtiel and motioned for him to go on down the hall, he didn't want him to leave yet.. Haven turned back to the frog, head tilted in question, then led him into the kitchen.

"So what is you want to talk about?"
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Itchy Tasty - Valtiel nodded his head a little uneasily.

He said meekly then turned to walk back down the hallway to the designated room.

As soon as he was out of view, Hyla followed the leopard into the kitchen. Once there, he hopped up and sat on the countertop and grinned devilishly.

"Booooy, you need to get that lust of yours in check! I sensed it a block away from here Haven!"
Hyla's grin widened as he teased the blonde, then stuck his tongue out at him.

"Seriously, is that what you brought him home for? You could of just called me~"
The frog chuckled as he placed his hands on either side of his body and crossed his legs.

"But really, you taking in strays is a rare occassion. What's all this about?"
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Bishops Grimm - Haven crossed his arms as his cheeks tinged slightly in embarrassment. Sky hues glanced to the side, keeping off his friend who had so easily sensed what he was feeling.

"No! It wasn't like that! Not at first..."
Haven trailed off for a moment, he looked back at the frog with his eyebrows raised and a playful smirk tugging at his lips. He could've just called him huh?

"Really. It just kinda happened. I had just stumbled on this huge wolf in the park and he come to find out he was like us..Brought him home, was only going to feed him, give him a place to stay for the night.."

The leopard walked over to Hyla and leaned against his legs as he looked up at him.
"Then suddenly. I didn't want him to leave and started to get this urge to want to fuck him senseless."

He tilted his head to the side in a pout. Even as his eyes showed that urge with shining intensity.
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Itchy Tasty - "Uh huuuuh~"
Hyla listened with a playful grin on his face. As he listened to the leopard, he reached into the bag of goodies and pulled out an M&M cookie and began nibbling the goods. But he nibbling became a pain he scarfed it down, smiled, and shook his head.

"That kindness of yours is gonna kill you one day! But, seriously Haven. You're sweet."
As Haven moved in to slump on him, the tree frog rubbed the space between his ears passionately.

"But I think I understand. He is indeed a cutie~"
Hyla smiled as he watched his friend's eyes change over. He patted his head then.

"There, there. Doctor Hyla is here to help."
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Bishops Grimm - Haven started to purr and closed his eyes in contentment as Hyla petted him.
" 'Mnot that kind.." But while he said it he started rubbing his cheek against the arm connected to the hand that was rubbing between his ears. Acting like a big kitten.
The leopard started kneeding the mans thighs, but still careful not to let his nails dig in like his claws naturally would. At the mention of Valtiel his tail swished and he wondered what the wolf was doing in his bedroom, on his bed...
Of course that got him thinking about naughty things and the things he could do to Val in his bed. This thought process had him groaning and his pants tightening with a half erection.

"There, there. Doctor Hyla is here to help."

Sky blue eyes opened and peered into orangey-red from inches away. He blinked then, a smile spread on his lips.
"Any chance you got anything on you to make a wild wolf wanna have sex with a tame leopard, Dr.Hyla?"
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Itchy Tasty - The frog continued to pet his friend, even as the big cat began acting as he should. He watched with interest. Preds were an intriging creature~ Oh? The spiky-haired halfing felt the sudden change in his friend, that want radiating off him again, the groan that had escaped.

"Ahahaha, I'm afraid not my boy~ I'm a baker, not a doctor. Sorry! All's I can do for you is this~~"
Hyla pulled both his hands free and began tickling the leopard all over, smiling and chuckling as he went.
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Bishops Grimm - Haven was about to comment but was suddenly attacked by roaming fingers on known ticklish spots. The leopard jumped and wiggled to escape. He started giggling uncontrollably and flailed backwards, making him lose his balance. As he started to tilt backwards he grabbed Hyla by the front of the shirt for support but only ended up jerking the frog off the counter, sending them both to the floor. Falling with a loud crash and a surprised yelp from the blonde.
Somehow they ended up with Hyla on his back and Haven, being the cat he is, landed above him on hands and feet spread on either side of the green haired baker, creating a kind of bridge over him.

The position was too reminiscent of a predator who had cornered his prey, and the predator in Haven had his pupils dilating till blue rimmed black, His beast wasn't sure whether he wanted to eat the reptile or fuck him.

Cael scaled the side of the fire escape then made the jump for Haven's open window and crawled through and into his bedroom, tsking at the carelessness. Once he was in, he immediately smelled the earthy scent of wolf and looked to the bed with narrowed pale blue tiger eyes at the wolf on the side of the bed. The pink haired man moved to him in a threatening way, in a fluid stalking strut and was about to question why the wolf was there but then a sudden clatter and yelp came from another room. Cael was out the door in two seconds flat. Pulling his gun on the way.


When he reached the kitchen he found the leopard over a man with a green mohawk, he would have called the situation dangerous for the man if Cael hadn't smelled the heat rolling of Haven. The scent of sexual need emanated through the room, it was practically contagious.

"Well, well Haven. You've got a couple of tasty looking morsels here. Never knew you had it in you~" He smirked when the sky blue eyes glanced up at him in shock, he then looked down at the man on the floor then back up at Haven.

"Mind if I have a bite~?" Cael winked while licking his lips.
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Itchy Tasty - Hyla laughed whole-heartedly as Haven giggled and flailed about. He roamed further, tickling the leopard even more then what he already was. But something happened among the friendly gesture. Haven lost his balance and in the fright had grabbed the frog's shirt causing him to sway and stop his tickling immediately, only to end up with Hyla flailing about on his own accord. He was jerked and falling backwards to the floor and finally hit with an oomph! sound.
The frog laid there in a daze, his hands instinctly thrown up to catch the leopard and to keep him from crushing his lungs. Hyla opened an eye then a second later opened the second one, only to find that Haven had landed on all fours aorund him, pinning him to the floor. His hands that were thrown up in front of him were lightly pressed against the blonde's chest.

The green-haired male was speechless. No word could form on his tongue as he watched Haven's eyes dialate above him.

"Now... let's not do anything we're gonna regret, okay Haven? Haven~?"

Valtiel felt like he was suffocating in the bedroom. It felt like a cage, and yet he was still sitting on the bed. Why? What was keeping him here? He laid his ears back, but they suddenly picked back up when both the clatter in the kitchen caught his attention, and the sudden movement outside the window.
And before he knew it, a pink-haired unfamiliar-scented man came bursting from the window.

The man had narrowed his eyes at the wolf, which in turned caused Valtiel to bare his fangs and stand up defensively to defend his space. But the second he did, the man had picked up the same clattering sound and left, leaving him standing there.


The voice was so sharp and so sudden that Hyla jumped and threw his hands up in that 'don't shoot I'm unarmed!' kind of stance around Haven.

"Wait! It's not what it looks like!"
Hyla exclaimed as he waved his hands. But the man who had entered the kitchen just stood there, looking, watching. He must of been another mammal species for he sensed what was wrong with the leopard. As the stranger spoke it seemed to have calmed Haven, for when the leopard looked down at him, Hyla could only give him spooked red irises.

"Wait, wait. No. You wouldn't like fried frog legs I promise! They're disgusting and brown, and they wouldn't fill up mammals like you guys! Ever seen the first X-Men movie, how that Toad guy died? You don't want that happening to you!"

As Hyla began his scared rambling, Valtiel had emerged from the bedroom. He stopped a long ways behind the pink-haired stranger, peered over his shoulder at the two on the floor, and lunged straight for the door. In a matter of seconds the wolf swung the door opened and bolted out in wolf-form.
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Bishops Grimm - Haven was just as speechless as the frog was for a moment, his body relaxed until he sat back on his heels, straddling his 'preys' waist. His mouth opened and closed for a minute before he could apologize.

"I am so sorry Hyla. I didn't mean-"

Before he could finish though sky blue eyes noticed Valtiel behind the intruding tiger, and watched as he bolted for the door. The leopard immediately scrambled off the frog and shoved passed Cael until he made it to the wide open door and watched Valtiel run away in wolf form.
Haven would never be able to catch him in human form, but it had been soo long since he took leopard form... He turned to an amused looking Cael.

"Don't eat Hylidae! And we'll talk about you just barging in later!"

Then he was off in a sprint. Once he made it outside, he saw the tail of the wolf almost a block away now. He sighed, then started sprinting again, huffing he held in a breath and transformed into the leopard. He felt the muscles bunch and release as he moved at a lightning speed. Lucky for him, in the wild, leopards ran faster than wolves, so he was right on Valtiels tail in no time.
"Please wait!"

Cael raised an eyebrow at the sudden absence of the wolf and Haven. That. Was strange. Then he looked back at the frightened frog, who was still on the floor. He smiled.

"Don't worry dude. I'm not going to hurt you. I was joking about the bite...unless of course you're into that~"

The pink haired tiger walked over and knelt beside him. He sniffed the air just above him, he wasn't to interested in eating reptiles, but that sweet scent, now that smelled yummy. He smelled like someone who was always in the kitchen.

"You cook for a living?"
Cael asked as he put his .45 in the back of his waistband. Then he remembered.
"You know Haven I assume? What was that all about?"
He pointed over his shoulder.
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Itchy Tasty - "Oh no, it was my fault~"
The frog stayed motionless on the floor, even after Haven leapt off him and ran for the door. Everything was happening all too quickly, even for his tastes. He heard the leopard yell something about eating him, sending a slight shiver down the frog's backside and before he knew it, Haven had taken off. After the wolf.

"Depends on what kinda bite we're talking about~"
Stealing the moment to take a glance upward, Hyla's eyes came to a stop upon that of a pink-haired male. A cutie, Hyla thought before shoving it aside. The frog pushed himself up into a sitting position as the newcomer smelled around him.

"Living? Kinda. I'm a pastry baker at a small cake shop downtown."
Hyla answered as he watched the pink-haired male. He pushed the bangs of his mohawk back as Cael spoke to him and shrugged his shoulders.

"He and I go back a bit, I dare say~ And what part? Him being on top of me or the wolf-man he had sitting in his room?"


Valtiel ran. He didn't know where or how far he had made it from the apartment complex, but he ran. He just knew that the big cat was on top of him in just a short time span. His own muscles pumped, pushing him forward, quickly turning a left corner--

Into an omcoming milk truck.

The wolf skidded to a halt, or tried to on the hot pavement, and ducked down as the passing vehicle drove passed him. Valtiel managed to duck and hide under it, his short life passing before his eyes.
But it had ended as soon as it began, and all he could do was lay on the road and shake.

City life was hell.
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Bishops Grimm - Cael sat back on his calves and smirked. "maybe a nibble here or there?"
He really wasn't interested in the wolf, he smelled wild but confused and had shot out of here so fast he wasn't worth the attention. Buut the kitchens smell..Mmm.. Pheromones and sweets? Who could resist? He could talk to Haven later about hiding out here for awhile.

"A pastry chef huh? Does that mean I could coax some sweets out of you if I wanted them?"


Pale gold ears flattened and his jaw dropped when Haven saw the car pass right over the wolf. Then a semi's horn broke through his heartbeat pounding in his throat as it came right toward Valtiel. THe leopard leaped into the road without a thought and grabbed the vwolfs scruff in his powerful jaws and jumped for the other side of the road, barely dodging yet another vehicle.

He sent them rolling down a hill and into a creek bed just on the borders of the large park. The leopard rose on shaky legs and snuffled the wolf all over, then licked the top of his head, purring roughly.

"You scared me half to death!"
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Itchy Tasty - "Depends on the nibbles?"
Hyla teased back, finding himself not so scared of the newcomer as he was earlier. In fact he was enjoying him when he wasn't branishing a gun around. He scanned the tiger before him, rasing a curious brow. Yep, definately a cutie~

"Hm? Oh, sweets? Yes, yes of course! As long as you.. don't eat me!"
Nope, he still was kind of scared. If he could Hyla probably would of made a D: face as he spoke.

"What kinda sweets you want?"


Amber hues were wide and ears back in fright as the semi's horn blared. He wanted to howl in pain but there was no time. Frozen solid and unable to think quickly, Valtiel's only motion was him tucking his tail between his legs and--

There was a quick pain but it wasn't because he had been hit. His scruff! Owww! But it didn't last long and he melted like any puppy or kitten would when their scruff was grabbed. Valtiel was rolling, his whole world blurring out and without his knowledge he had reverted back to his human form as he rolled. He found himself stopping then and being manhandled by the leopard and he was content in letting him. The wolf eased up, eyes half closing as he was licked.

He murmured as Haven loved over him. His head hurt as if he had hit something on the roll down.

*Not concussed.. but so sleepy.*
The wolf melted in Haven's arms, his eyes closing heavily.
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SoulofDarkness - Well... today has sure started out interesting. Selsie thought to herself as she sipped on her hot chai tea, steam slowly rising from the top of the cup. In the few seconds since the blonde cat had left her favorite coffee shop she had seen a semi nearly hit a wolf, and a golden blur tackle the mongrel.

Honestly though, she would have preferred the semi. At least that would have been a quick, relatively painless death. That gold thing on the other hand, that thing had to be mauling that wolf right about now, and being mauled is anything but quick.

Taking one last sip of her drink Selsie tossed the cup aside, drawing her daggers as she walked across the street. She had more knives on her, but the daggers were always her favorites, always the ones that she used when she performed in the underground arenas. Grinning she twirled the blades as she reached the other end of the street, her tail swishing back and forth behind her in anticipation as she strode confidently forward.

As soon as the cougar reached the top of the ditch she sniffed the air, trying to catch a scent of what had tackled the wolf. She still smelled the wolf, as well as some sort of cat. That was about all that she could get out of it though, as the smog from the truck's exhaust was still permeating the air near the top of the hill.

"Here kitty kitty." She purred as she stood above the ditch, blades in hand. "I can't have a murderer in my town you understand. Not in public at least." She called out, and waited for a reaction. Best to have the cat come to her, rather than risk a trap, she thought to herself
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