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Post  Sarah Isaacs on Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:30 pm

It had been five years since the start of the outbreak in the Wildlands. The Continent was a place of freedom, of living however you wished. Where the strong survived and the weak were nonexistent.

The population, while stronger and faster than their technological brethren across the Great Chasm were nonetheless unprepared for the horror that had come once the Outbreak happened.

There was war between individuals, scraping for whatever resources they could get their hands on to prolong their lives in the harsh environment, now turned even harsher by friends and loved ones trying to have them for a tasty snack. The population dwindled down to next to nothing, and the few desperate survivors banded together to form three distinct communities. While not sheltered, these communities managed to stay alive through sheer stubbornness, always moving from place to place.

And then the hordes caught up with them, cornered them against a wall that was not there before. They didn't know where it had come from, but they found out rather quickly as flying machines came from above, dropping large metallic walls around each of the groups, as well as troops descending from the sky to take care of what few Infected had made it through.

After the dust settled, the Techlanders, for the inhabitants of the Wildlands didn't know them by any other name, proclaimed themselves their saviors and new rulers. They said it was in order to ensure the reclamation of the continent, and the eventual repopulation of the land. The remaining elders knew better than to believe this deception, but the few that spoke up quickly disappeared under mysterious circumstances. After that nobody questioned them, only agreed with the new laws put into place.

Five years later the cities of Dissonance, Hope, and Requiem exist in a state of bittersweet salvation. They have their safety, but in return they are on camera nearly every hour of the day in exchange for rations and supplies. Occasionally the Techlanders will send out volunteers to hunt for Elemental Ores in the wild, though many times nobody returns.

Recently however there has been a report by one who returned of people who were able to walk through whole hordes of Infected without even a turn of the head by those Infected individuals. This has caused quite a stir within the cities, but the Techlanders have dismissed it as mere ramblings from someone who had been on too many treks into the wild.

(Can be a techy (Can have implants and prosthetics), Wildlander (naturally agile and strong), or a Special Infected (Unnamed as of yet, blend with people, untouched by Infected, and can have a specific mutation they can bring out when in trouble) (Also.... it's in Dissonance. I'll be putting first post up shortly)
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SoulofDarkness - Azhaiel could remember when this all started. He was 13 years old, and him and his sister had been running along with the rest of the people who lived in Dissonance. The world was different now.... He missed his sister. She disappeared during the Formation, when the city was first built. Well, disappeared was the wrong word. Taken was a more fitting term. The Infected took her away and....

"HEY! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!" A man in a cybernetic suit of armor said, shoving Az to the side roughly with the butt of his gun.

"Sorry sir... It won't happen again." Az said in a disinterested voice, a voice that had been honed over the past 5 years, one that made them not suspect a thing. In reality, he was part of a hidden resistance movement. The ones who didn't have cameras in their homes had started silently constructing secret tunnels under the city, so that they could plan to overthrow the Techlanders without them overhearing.

"Better not." The man grunted as he walked down the street toward the center of the city of Dissonance. Dissonance was a place that much resembled the grand scale cities of the Techlanders, but in a very reduced form. The city itself was only one tier, and you could actually see the sky from within the city limits. Although smokestacks kept the air polluted, due to the refineries for the Elemental Ore that was natural to the Wildlands.

As soon as the man had passed him by, Az stuck his tongue out and proceeded to run down the street, his short dark hair fluttering slightly as he ran to his residence. His copper hued eyes scanned the street, looking for any more guards so that he could avoid bumping into yet another one. Satisfied that they weren't around, he stopped running and began briskly walking forward toward his ramshackle hut at the end of the road.
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Itchy Tasty - *** Five years ago she had been a soldier of fortune, working with the government to help rebuild the land. Or so they had said. Dahlia Summers had been a lead general in the effort to build walls for the three major cities when her fleet had been overran with a horde. They fought back, but not without consequences. Bombs, the bastards had bombs! ***

Dahlia was sitting in an alley beside a pile of broken down junk. She had luckily found an old milk crate to sit on while she rested. Looking down at her right hand, she clenched it open and closed, barely feeling the creak of metal under the fabric of her glove. Yes, she was one of the hated Techlanders. When her fleet had been bombarded, she lost nearly all of the right side of her body, minus a few here-there bones such as her leg. By some miracle of divine intervention what the medics could scrap up and put back together, at the cost of becoming half cybernetic. But now.. now she had to hide the fact that she was a Techy.

People here hated the Techlanders.

This also came at another cost. After suffering PTSD, her head of government had deemed her a danger on the battlefield and instead, since Dissonance didn't have many cameras installed in the city, they had implanted a spycam into her right eye. And left her with one order: spy on the city.

Dahlia herself didn't question why, she knew the answer to that. But how was she to blend in with the population of mutants and speed demons? Her doctors helped with that too, by creating flesh-colored prosthetics in an attempt to hide who and what she was. For the time being, it had worked. And it wasn't like she had to try hard, she stayed out of contact with the general population. Well, mostly. The red-head heard footsteps walking down the path from where she hid, causing her to lower her hand and lean back into the wall to hide.

*Oh, wait.*
She caught sight of the dark hair and form, instantly realizing it was Azhaiel. Dahlia had met him some time ago and began to trust him as a friend. But.. The day he'd find out that she was what she was..

*Better go say hi. It's been awhile.*
Dahlia stood up and stretched her back in an attempt to fight off the numbing feeling of sitting for so long. As the male continued walking, she finally emerged from the alleyway and cleared her throat before calling out.

"What, not gonna say hi, Az?"
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SoulofDarkness - As the redhead seemingly materialized from the shadows of the alleyway Azhaiel stopped, turning toward her with a big grin on his face, spread from ear to ear. He wrapped his arms around her waist, squeezing tight in an overly enthusiastic hug before bouncing back onto his heels, a twinkle in his eyes.

"Dahlia! You're just the person I've been trying to find. I was gonna tell you all about how a techy shoved me into the dirt today! Can you believe the nerve of those guys? It's not like I am a second class citizen or anything."

He crossed his arms and made a brief grumbly face and squinted his copper eyes in a mock grumpy expression. Running his hand through his hair, a mischievous expression crossed his face.

"But it's a good thing I found you! I was just on my way to the hideout to make plans. That guard in particular needs to learn manners. I was thinking something along the lines of..."

And for the next few minutes Az proceeded to detail more and more elaborate, ridiculous plans that clearly had no chance of working.

"So, what do you think? Personally I think the one with the Skeela frogs is the best bet, don't you?"
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Itchy Tasty - Dahlia blinked in slight confusion when the man turned around with a chesire cat grin on his face. Then he had pulled her in for what could pass as a bear hug. She reluctantly returned the hug, patting his back as she did so. After they broke apart she took a step back herself, giving them space to talk and crossed her arms.

"Trying to find? Looks to me like you were heading home. And really? What'd you do to him?"
She questioned with a finely raised brow. Tech guards were known to be a-holes, but what had Az done first? Or second? Or..?

"Surely it was an accident?"
She couldn't help but giggle as Azhaiel began making faces then facepalmed, shaking her head as she began listening to his crazy revenge plans. By the time he was done formulating these crazy ideas, Dahlia had both her hands on her hips and half a smirk on her lips.

"Az, Az, Az~ What're we going to do with you? One of these days you're going to piss off the guards so much that they'll eventually throw you over the walls. What would you do then, hmm? But, you're right. I like the Skeela frog one too."
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SoulofDarkness - He nodded when she told him that it looked like he was headed home, then smiled when she asked what he did to the guard "I did nothin! Promise!"

After saying that, he frowned and wrapped his arms around himself "I was just thinking of my sister. Its been 5 years, but she was taken during the Formation. Shes either dead, or one of them now... I miss her."

With a heavy sigh he shook his heas, dropping his arms to his side before smiling another overly cheesy grin. "Its settled then! Skeelas it is! Care to come with me to gather them?" Az asked, arching a quizzical eyebrow at Dahlia.

"Come on! Itll be fun. Particularly when its raining frogs on that slimeball!"
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Itchy Tasty - "Are you sure?"
Dahlia half giggled before becoming quiet as the man held himself. She raised her brow again as he took on a more serious and quiet tone.

Was all she could say. How does one console another when it came to family? The Techlander didn't know, that was a touchy subjects for many.

"You can't think like that Az, it's not good for you, your body, or mind. Besides, I'm sure she's out there looking for you. Hell, she might have been moved to a different city, you never know!"
Reaching out her left hand, the redhead patted Azhaiel's shoulder in an friendly 'it'll be okay' manner. When he brightened back up and went back to the topic of the frogs she placed her hand back on her hip.

"And what do you plan on doing AFTER you cover him in frogs? Run home?"
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SoulofDarkness - A wicked grin crossing his face, Az jumped up briefly and reached for Dahlia's hand, tugging on it briefly. He was quite excited to get started on his plans. Soon that rude techy bastard would pay for the humiliation he had caused him.

"Welll..... I hadn't thought that far along yet. But come on! We gotta go to the shop before they are closed for the night! I don't want to miss out on this opportunity. That guard will probably change post by tomorrow, so it's now or never!"

With that Az turned around and began running for the shop, whether Dahlia was behind him or not. He really hoped that she followed, but either way he'd be retrieving her for the last, most important part. That is, the dumping of the Skeela's.

As he ran Az got more and more excited about his plan, and less worried about the consequences afterward. He figured that he could outrun the guard, so why bother worrying about what he was going to do afterward. He'd just let instinct guide him, and see where it took him.

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Itchy Tasty - The dark-skinned woman was hesitant to let her hand be grabbed, tensing up ever so slightly. But she relaxed as best she could, not wanting to blow her cover so quickly in the game. She only smiled, only wondering how old Az really was. Before she could say anything however, the boy had turned to run off.

"Az! Eer.."
Dahlia stood there dumbfoundedly, blinking as she watched him run off without another word. She shook her head as she placed her hands on her hips.

*He's either really serious about this, or stupid. Better go after him just in case."
The Techlander sighed heavily and began chasing after Azhaiel, catching up with him in no time.

"Seriously Az, think this through! Minus being thrown over the walls, he COULD shoot you for disturbing the peace, or him, or I don't know, something. So denied entrance to the city or shot dead in the street, would you really want either?"
Dahlia stopped running and grabbed Az's arm, tight enough to stop him dead.

"Really. Stop and think about this!"
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SoulofDarkness - Getting pulled to a screeching halt by Dahlia's surprising strength, Azhaiel stared blankly at her for a second, taking a moment to let what she was saying sink in. He frowned at what she was saying, but sighed as he realized that she was completely correct. Az was acting foolish, and he knew it.

"Okay okay. You can let go of me now. I'm not gonna pour the frogs on him. But those damned Techies could be a little nicer about it! We are all stuck on this hellish continent, so being rude isn't going to help anybody!"

He huffed, placing his hands firmly on his hips as he puffed his chest out. Even if he couldn't do anything about the rudeness yet, he wanted to at least put on the facade that he was a tough guy.

Really, he did have that Wildlander speed and strength going for him, but alot of the Techies had cybernetics and advanced weaponry, which more than leveled the playing field.

However he did have something secret that he was working on in his basement. A weapon. It wasn't fancy like the Techie weapons, but it was being made of Elemental Ores. Which meant he could choose what properties it would eventually take on. And once that was done, well he wouldn't bother with the Techies. Not at first anyways. His main priority was to go out into the Wildlands, where the Infected were and either rescue his sister, or if that wasn't an option, find out what happened to her.

After a brief moment of consideration, Az smiled at Dahlia. She was about the only person he really knew in this city, so he'd show her his Ore that he was working with. She might have some ideas as to what kind of weapon to shape it into, for his trip into the Wild.

"Hey, Dahlia. You know how I was heading home earlier? Well it's cause I've got a surprise in my basement. I need your help with it. Care to come along to my place? I need the help! Plleeaasseee!!"

He begged her with those last words, even going so far as to wring his hands together as he batted his eyes at the woman.
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Itchy Tasty - "I'm not trying to be mean Az, it's for your own safety!"
When the man finally sighed and said to release him, the Techlander eased and patted him twice on the shoulder before letting go.

"I understand, but wouldn't poruing dead, rotten frogs on him be considered rude as well?"
Dahlia was trying her best to be a voice of reason. She could only shake her head in disbelief at the man's antics as she crossed her arms.

**Completely hopeless!**
She thought with a smile on her face. But as she put the fun face on, the inner part of her eye zoomed in on the Wildlander, scanning his facial features ever so quietly. It stopped when he said her name, causing her to blink.

"Oh, my help? Urm.."
Dahlia hesitated, biting her lower lip. After a brief inward struggle she shrugged her shoulders.

"Sure. I'm not busy at the moment, and when you look that cute how can I resist?"
She teased, poking Azhaiel in his nose with a single gloved finger.
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SoulofDarkness - A wide grin spread across his face as Az was poked in the nose with a gloved finger. He wrinkled his nose after he was poked, scrunching his face together as he shook his head side to side.

"But I'm alwaaayss cute Dahlia! It's one of my best features!" As he said that Azhaiel tried his best cute face, before laughing. All of a sudden he turned, running a little ways off before yelling over his shoulder.

"Better keep up Dahlia! You're gonna miss the surprise if you dooonnn'ttttt!" With that the Wildlander took off at a full sprint, heading down the street toward his home. Once he reached it, he skidded to a halt and grabbed the handle, pulling the door open as he stood off to the side to let Dahlia enter before he did. He'd have to open the basement anyways, so it wasn't a big deal to let somebody else enter his home before him.
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Itchy Tasty - "Only when you think it's convient for you to be!"
The Tech teased as she shook her head. She then took on a stern face as Az jutted off, leaving her standing alone.

"Keep up? With him?"
She mumbled to herself as she watched the Wildlander began to disappear down the street. Dahlia blinked confused at first, then only smirked as she began walking the path Az had set for her. She kept a cool pace, catching up to the boy in no time that he left and found him holding the door to his home open. The Techlander, as she approached, began scanning the rickety building that Dissonance was populated with. When the scan was complete she looked to the Wildlander and bowed her head as she entered his home.

"Thank you kindly~"
Dahlia said as she entered.
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SoulofDarkness - Az nodded briefly, smiling in return at his friend, acquaintance, whatever you wanted to call her. Following her into his home, Az locked the door behind him, peeking out the window in a slightly paranoid manner before closing the curtains as well.

Walking up to a large cupboard against the wall of his living room Az waved Dahlia back briefly before setting his shoulder to the side, pushing as hard as he could. The thing was heavy, and most Techlanders couldn't move it on their own, which was why it was perfect for hiding the entrance to his basement.

As soon as the cupboard was moved far enough, Az began to walk down the stairs, expecting Dahlia to follow him through the gaping hole in his wall. The lower you went, the more the moisture seemed to cling to the air. As soon as he reached the bottom, the Wildlander took a key out from his pocket, opening up the door at the bottom of the staircase.

After that he simply stood by the table in the small room at the bottom of the shaft, waiting for Dahlia to enter the room below. He placed a hand on a large, covered object and grinned wide.

"This is what I've brought you here to help me with, and it's what I've been keeping hidden from the resistance as well as the Techlanders. It's imperative that they don't know about it, else my mission to find my sister would be stopped before it's started. Both sides would want it for their own, and it is nobodies but mine. I need it more than either one of them do!"

He yelled those last words, tears brimming at the corner of his eyes briefly before he blinked them away. Taking the veil away from the item in one smooth motion, light filled the room, changing color from red, green, blue, black, white, and then back again.

"Elemental ore. To craft what I need to rescue my sister. I've got crafting supplies in the other room down here, so I'm more than prepared. I just want to know if you can help me at all?"
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