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Post  Valtiel on Thu May 22, 2014 12:10 am

Name: Kallen Ryker.

Age: 25.

Gender: Male.

Place Of Birth: Saturn Colony #53.

Date Of Birth: December 5th.

Height: 5'11".

Weight: 145lbs.

Skintone: Mocha brown, dark-skinned. His left arm and part of his shoulder is heavily tattooed in a Japanese mob boss-style sleeve.

Hair: Beige, pulled into a short and low ponytail. He also has a beaded and wrapped braid hanging from the left side of his head.

Eyes: Copper penny red.

Occupation: Galaxy Courier.

Attitude Towards Job: Has a happy-go-lucky attitude about it, even though it can be dangerous, long, and lonely at times.

Clothing Style

Leisure: Grey muscle top with a random black/yellow design etched on the front. Skinny blue and white-washed army cargo jeans, dirtied black traveling boots. Necklace and watch from his "Work" are visble.

Formal: White long-sleeved dress shirt with the sleeves rolled to elbows. Skinny navy blue dress pants, his trusty dirtied black traveling boots because he's a manly-dirty boy. His necklace is tucked into his shirt while his watch is visble.

Work: Dirtied and dusted grey turtle neck with the left sleeve missing while the right covers up to his elbow. Tight blue and white-washed army cargo jeans, his favorite traveling boots. His top half is then adorned with a green, black, and brown camo-colored cloak that has a built-in zip up hood/face mask that covers every bit of his head save for a slit where his eyes would be. A pair of goggles sits either on top of his head or around his neck. Last is a mini PDA-style computer that's built into a watch on his left wrist that stores all his maps, contacts, and delivery info for his packages.

His waist then consists of a belt that carries an ammo pouch and a Beretta 92 handcannon. He also carries a brown duffle bag behind him that attaches around his waist to carry smaller packages, as well as his personal belongings. Around his neck he wears a silver chain that houses his sister's military dog tags.

History: Born on a snowy and cold day, Kallen is one of a pair of maternal twins, born seventeen minutes after his sister.

He lived an average and quiet childhood along with his sister, their mom, and uncle, in/on a small Saturn-based colony. He never met his father; his mom told him he had died while his uncle said he had skipped planets shortly after his mom had reached five months into her pregnancy, for reasons unknown.

Kallen didn't care, he was happy how his life had been thus far. And unlike his sister he wanted a fun-filled adventure of a life once he was old and brave enough to leave the colony.
Life was good until his sister had been imprisoned. From there he watched as his mother and uncle's health began to deteriorate. Reporters were banging on their door at all hours to fish for details about Dakota's treason, and not being able to stand the commotion any longer, Kallen finally broke down. He sold all but a few of his possesions to the nearest pawn shop and hopped onto the earliest jump ship off Saturn.

Until the ripe age of twenty, Kallen jumped and lived on several planets before he finally found his calling in a city located in the heart of the Hourglass Nebula. After months of job hunting, he finally landed a Courier job, making a career of delivering other people's mail around the galaxies.

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