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Post  Valtiel on Thu May 22, 2014 12:45 am

Name: Dakota Ryker. Work Alias- "Wolf".

Age: 25.

Gender: Female.

Place Of Birth: Saturn Colony #53.

Date Of Birth: December 5.

Height: 5'9".

Weight: 134lbs.

Skintone: Mocha brown, dark-skinned. Has a red, white, and emerald-green Japanese Koi fish tattooed on her left hip.

Hair: Sandy-biege hair braided into a short fishtail braid, has a few loose strands hanging in her face. Like her brother she has a long beaded and wrapped braid hanging from the right side of her head, opposite Kallen.

Eyes: Burgundy red.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter.

Attitude Towards Job: Love-hate relationship.

Clothing Style

Leisure: Burnt orange sports jersey that is two sizes too big for her, with a white #53 etched on the back. Black-blue ripped at the knees jeans and shin-high Doc Martens boots. Necklace is either visble or tucked into shirt.

Formal: Dark green velvet-material tube top jumpsuit-like business suit, Short black jacket that buttons at neck around shoulders and zips up the chest. Black kitten heels and wears hair in a bun instead of her braid. Necklace is visble.

Work: A mahogany brown knee-length trench coat that stays buttoned up a majority of the time, but she has access to her gun if need-be. A PDA-style monitor/computer is also built into the left arm.

Under it however, she dons an abdomen-length (stops right at the belly button) short black and dark-green accented jacket that zips up in the front. The sleeves of the jacket cover every inch of her arms save for her fingertips, which are cut fingerless and exposed. She keeps it zipped down enough to show off a hint of skin and the start of her body suit. A one-piece, form-fitting, body suit that starts with a white tank top and eventually fades from grey to black towards the legs. Flat just-below the knee dark grey and green-accented boots finishes the outfit.

Attached to her chest is an upside down knife sheath that stores a military-grade combat knife for easy close-quarter combat. Around her waist are three different belts. The first contains an ebony-colored P226 Equinox handgun, while the second belt is home to a folded up Franchi SPAZ-12 shotgun that belonged to her father when he served. The last belt holds an ammo pouch and a small grappling hook zipline gun the size of a flaregun. Dakota also wears a choker chain with a Saturn pendant attached to it.

History: Born on a snowy and cold day, Dakota is the "oldest" sibling of a maternal pair of twins, alongside her "younger" brother, Kallen.

Like her brother, she lived an average and quiet childhood with her brother, mother, and uncle in/on a small Saturn-based colony. Growing up she never knew her father, but that didn't stop her from questioning about his life beforehand, or stop from following in his tracks to become a military police officer. Dakota would lovingly gaze at the scrapbook he had made when he was on the force, always reading the newspaper clippings of his heroic actions and stories, of the people and cities he served and protected.

At the age of sixteen she joined the military academy, passing the school with flying colors and finally enrolled to become part of the Saturn military. Unlike her brother, she wanted discipline and order in her life. But things didn't go as smoothly as planned. During a mission to help escort a neighboring colony out of harm's way from a gone-rogue space pirate, Dakota disobeyed her superior's orders and grabbed the first gun she saw. She ran off into the pirate's direction, ready to gun him or her down in an attempt to be a hero like her father. It backfired when the rogue took three of her COs hostage and executed them before her, making the scene look as though Dakota herself pulled the trigger before the pirate escaped.

Dakota was court-martialed and sent to spend the next four years in a maximun security prison. During that time her brother ran away from home, their mother grieved herself to death, and their uncle had to be moved into a retirement home where as far as she knows is there to this day.

On her twenty-fourth birthday, Dakota was released on a dishonorable discharge and left on her own. Without a family or a home waiting for her, she did the next best thing. With what little resources and money she had, Dakota bought herself a small, two-person max shuttle, changed her work alias to Wolf and set out on her travels. She became a bounty hunter, to reel herself in some big cash, to find Kallen, and hopefully the pirate that wronged her.

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