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Name- Sarah Isaacs
Age- 23
Gender- Female
Place of Birth- Jupiter Colony 0119
Date of birth- August 3rd
Height- 5'8"
Weight- 127 lbs
Skin tone-Pale white, usually covered in grease and oil
Hair- Dark brown and shoulder length
Eye color- One eye blue, other green.
Occupation- Garage Mechanic and rebel technician
Job attitude- She likes what she does, and figures that although she hates violence, she can damage the government in other ways through her work.
Clothing Style:
Casual and Work-Wears a plain white t-shirt with a beat up brown leather jacket over the top of it,
along with torn tan cargo pants and a black baseball cap with a white anarchy symbol upon it. Wears boots at all times
Formal- Tight black dress with her normal boots, hair tied up in a ponytail.
History- Sarah had lived in the more poor districts of the city her entire life. When she was young, her parents scrounged up enough money to send her to a boarding school, where she learned how to be a technician. Quickly she excelled past other students, and graduated before everyone else at the age of 16. Once she was free from the school, she went to her old house, expecting her parents to be there. Instead she found an empty house, one that looked like it hadn't been used in years. So she remained in the house, using her technological skills to come up with many new inventions, including discreet tracking devices and stun weapons for government contractors so she could make money. One day, while intruding in a government system that she was brought in to "fix", she found a file with one word. Isaacs. Immediately she looked into it, and it detailed a government experiment trying to perfect genetic splicing on two individuals. Her parents. At the bottom it had horribly disfigured picture files, stamped with the words "Deceased" and "Failure" again and again. Leaving the building in tears, she quickly went home, gathering all of her funds and she opened a garage in district 93 of the colony. There she managed to contact the rebels, and promised to supply them with her hacking expertise, amongst various other skills of hers, including inventing gadgets that could prove useful in any situation. Currently she keeps a customized pistol and laptop with her when she goes on missions, the laptop tucked into a small bag on her back, and the pistol in a holster that she only brings along during missions. The pistol fires sticky balls of gel that when she presses a button on the grip, electrify, effectively creating a stun gun that can stun multiple targets with a single press of a button. Her laptop is merely a customized, highly advanced computer that she uses when going on missions and other miscellaneous work. It currently has a test A.I. program built into it named Callous.

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