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Post  Kura on Sat May 21, 2011 6:00 pm

Name: Rivka Leblanc
Nickname: The Neptune Killer, Neptune
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Neptune colony 2015
Date of Birth: July 24
Height: 5”8
Weight: 116lbs
skin tone:
Hair: Black, kept pulled up on the side of her head, with gold chains wrapped in it, curly, falls just above her ass when down
Eyes: gold
Occupation: Pirate
Attitude toward job: FUN
Clothing Style:
Leisure: bra and short shorts or tank top and jeans
Formal: slinky dress
Work: a red shirt, black leather vest or corset, black leather pants, knee high boots, sword, guns
History: When she was little all she ever knew was the little colony on Neptune. Her mother was sickly and had no father to speak of. She’d dream while looking up at the expanse of space outside the colony walls, she’d get out someday was all she could ever think.
When she was fourteen she got her chance, she had been hanging out by the docks, having snuck in watching the ships come and go, when one large trade ship was about to leave port. She snuck on the ship without a backward glance and was soon flying through space as a stow away. The ship took her all the way to Pluto. From then on she started doing odd jobs, stealing, jumping from ship to ship, becoming a gypsy, seeing every place she possibly could. Then she joined a pirate crew when she was seventeen. She gained a reputation for her crazed enjoyment of others pain, and blowing things up. One particular job the crew did was on her home planet, and she used every amount of ammunition and fire power the ship had and blew up 145 colonies before she ran out, laughing all the while like a kid at Disneyland. So she gained the name Neptune Killer when she was nineteen and became infamous.
When she was twenty she was sitting in a bar pissed that her crew had abandoned her. Then this weird guy walked in, decked out like an old world pirate, and wearing a sword as she did. They ended up starting a bar fight impaling people on their swords while having a conversation. They became partners later, and after their third job they spent their loot on a custom made ship. Since then her and Laiken have been roaming space causing havoc.

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