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Post  Sarah Isaacs on Sat May 21, 2011 11:38 pm

Name- Laiken Tekleh
Nickname- The Ravager
Place of Birth-Moon Colony 002
Date of Birth-June 14th
Height- 5'11"
Weight-175 lbs
Hair- Black and green long shaggy hair, about down to his chest.
Eye Color- Cobalt Blue
Occupation- Pirate
Attitude toward job- Loves it
Clothing style:
Leisure- White shirt, or no shirt, bandana, jeans, and pirate hat.
Formal- Same as work
Work- Wears a three pointed pirate hat and bandana, along with a long black pirate surcoat with silver buttons, worn open. He wears a white shirt and blue jeans underneath it, and has a black belt with a large silver buckle upon it. He constantly wears upon his hip an old fashioned cutlass, made of a rare mercurian black metal, and a modern pistol shaped like an old flintlock pistol. The look is purely aesthetic.
History- Born on Moon Colony 002, Laiken was absolutely fascinated with tales on ancient earthen pirates. His parents were rich, and gave him whatever he wanted. Eventually he requested a cutlass for his 18th birthday, and his parents provided well beyond his hopes. He received a cutlass made of rare mercurian metals, with a skull shaped handguard. They also gave him a modern pistol in the shape of a flintlock pistol, along with a classic pirate outfit. Learning how to use these weapons thanks to the family hiring a military combat instructor, Laiken left home shortly after. He immediately started his pirate career with a bang, using military tactics learned from his instructor, and his own weird methods to stow away in the cargo bay of a freighter ship. Killing the crew and passengers, he took all the valuables he could and placed them in all escape pods but one, setting their coordinates for a single colony on Mars. Before getting into the last escape pod, he set the ship on a crash course for a nearby moon, creating a giant crater where that particular moons colonies were located. Authorities who investigated the wreckage found a recorded message from a rather odd looking man, referring to himself as Laiken. He was given the nickname The Ravager soon after by superstitious locals, claiming that he took out the ship and colony by destroying everybody on board with a flick of his blade. It also helped that there was absolutely no cargo to be found in the wreckage as well. The very next year, he met Rivka in a bar, forming a terrifying partnership the universe probably did not need any part of. They acquired a ship soon afterwards, and are known across the galaxy for their large bounties and even larger crimes.
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