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Post  Sarah Isaacs on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:40 pm

Name: William Fisher
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Jupiter colony 0119
Date of birth: October 3rd
Height: 5”8"
Weight: 167 lbs
Skintone: Light skin
Hair: Brown and cut close to his head
Eyes: One blue, one mechanical
Occupation: Member of Gavin Cassari's Government Squad
Attitude toward job: He follows Gavin with a belief that he knows what's best to do in any situation.
Clothing Style:
Leisure: His boonie hat and a t-shirt and jeans
Formal: A brown suit and similar shoes
Work: Wears blue digital camouflage, along with a boonie hat. Black boots and usually a toothpick in his mouth.
History: Working with the military for a time, it was only natural that Will joined the government on Jupiter Colony 0119 after his time in the military was up. During that time, he had lost an eye, and was transferred back home as a result. The local government promised him a new eye in return for his service. So he began working with them, and was soon assigned to a special squad with Gavin Cassari. He soon grew fond of this man after being on a few missions with him, knowing that typically whatever he chose to do, could be accomplished. He carries a specialized sniper with him, a Gauss Rifle, and along with his mechanical eye, it provides him the ability to perform silent kills, something that is much needed within an elite squad such as the one that Cassari leads.
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