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Pyralis City Empty Pyralis City

Post  Sarah Isaacs on Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:30 am

Pyralis City-

Population: 13 million
Mayor: Terence Xeran

-Other Notables-

Heroes: Sabralus, (Other hero you have yet to make *growls*)

Villains/Evil Corporations: Revanche, (Other villains I have yet to think of)

History: Created in the year 2037, the city of Pyralis was originally meant to be a social experiment. They gathered various scientific researchers, politicians, and other important people and confined them to the city, telling them that they would be confined to the city and had to compete over limited resources. The city was walled off as this experiment happened. Eventually the city became open to the public after the original experiment was concluded due to lack of funding. The walls were torn down and the city expanded into a full fledged metropolis. Along with the civilian population various criminal elements also entered the city, determined to stake their claim on new territory. And naturally this attracted heroes, albeit very few of them, determined to put a stop to this and bring peace to the newfound city.
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