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Post  Kura on Thu May 19, 2011 8:25 pm

Name: Gavin Cassari
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Jupiter colony 0119
Date of birth: November 29
Height: 5”10
Weight: 178lbs
Skintone: naturally tan
Hair: blonde, cut short and styled
Eyes: Cobalt blue
Occupation: Second in command to a secret division of the Government
Attitude toward job: He’s loyal and believes that he is helping the people and the colony
Clothing Style:
Leisure: jeans and t-shirt( t-shirt optional if just at home), tennis shoes or barefoot
Formal: fitted designer suit and dress shoes
Work: black suit, slate grey dress shirt, black tie, black combat boots
History: He was born to a middle class family. His mother worked part time at a florist shop and his father was a sergeant for the police and had a little sister two years younger than him. His mom was killed when he was six in a drive by shooting. Gavin grew up taking care of his sister and acting out and fighting his dad when he was home. He was considered a delinquent and was constantly being arrested and taken to the police station , where his father had to get home the hook with his position. But when he was sixteen come to find out his father was a dirty cop and had his hands in drug trafficking and weapons dealing to the resistance groups. His father was arrested and was given a deal, if he gave up the people heading the resistance groups he’d get a lesser sentence. He was going to take the deal but was killed before the trial. Which left Gavin and his sister well and truly alone. Before getting swept up in the system Gavin made his sister pack her things and they ran from their home.
Gavin started using street battles to get money, once he started winning and making more and more money on the bets, he eventually had enough to move him and his sister into an apartment and out of the ratty basement they had hidden themselves in. He enrolled her back into school and he bought himself a computer system. He started doing minor hacks into the government banks and transferring money into private accounts he made. He still fought for the hell of it, for the rush it brought him, but he was 18 by then and his sister begged him to stop, that she didn’t want to lose anyone else, especially not the most important person in her life. Never one to say no to her, he did one more hack job, one that would set them for the rest of their lives and get them off this hellhole of a colony; but he got shut down and his apartment was swarmed by a government team in minutes. He tried to fight but he was stunned, immediately disabling him, they cuffed him while he was out and threw him in the black hover and left the apartment destroyed.
Being at school, his sister came home to find the apartment a wreck and her brother gone. She saw the pen drive flashing in the floor behind the kitchen counter and found it held codes and passwords to the accounts and a recording, telling her to run as fast and as far as possible and that he loved her and he was sorry for everything.
He never saw her again. Gavin woke up to a punch in the face, strapped to a chair and facing a man with a cock sure smile. He was questioned intensely, then beaten severely and questioned some more. He spit a mouth full of blood in the mans face. He was backhanded by the lackey as the man called Jones laughed, he was told he had no more choices in life. If he didn’t conform he’d be deleted immediately. Gavin spat again and struggled against his bonds, the man shrugged and said he’d start training tomorrow. He spent three months in training, taught to be a good government dog, being pulled in, he grew an interest in what he was doing and passed with flying colors.
He spent two years doing missions, taking out resistance members, drug lords, media vultures, and even leaving the colony to go to neighboring colonies. All to take out whoever the government deemed a threat. Gavin was so immersed in work he had no time to think about anything else, so when Jones called him in and told him his sister was found dead he went into shock, and when he was told they suspected the resistance, rage. He spent a year on a personal vendetta going against the resistance, practically clearing the east out with the team that was assigned to him. When the year was over, Jones promoted him to the second highest position in the division, his right hand. From then on he was the most loyal and hard working of the lot, throwing himself into the killing, the work numbing. He felt like he was making the colony better, it had taken so much from him, so he felt he had to change it somehow, what better place to do that than from the inside out?

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