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Sabralus/Alicia Krieger (Hero RP) Empty Sabralus/Alicia Krieger (Hero RP)

Post  Sarah Isaacs on Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:20 am

Hero Identity

Name- Sabralus
Primary Weapons- Particle Beam Rifle, Swarm Missile Launcher, Particle Beam Sabre
Accesories- Heat Sensors, Telescopic visor, Particle generator, Back, side, hover, and flight boosters
Color- Silver and black scheme
Personality- Quick to act, cold, brutal and violent
Information- THe Krieger Mk. I was built by the respected Alexander Krieger, brother of Alicia Krieger as a weapon for war after his homeland (A Germanic Island) was invaded by Germany. He built the suit with his sister in mind, acknowledging her past participation defending the country as a member of the island nations military special forces. The suit is specially designed so that it appears masculine on the outside, but inside the impact dampening padding is fitted to Alicia's frame. Utilizing this suit Alicia under the alias of Sabralus repelled the German invasion, destroying the entire fleet.

Civilian Identity

Name- Alicia Krieger
Age- 23
Height- 5'7"
Weight- 125 lbs
Hair color- Blonde (Typically up in ponytail)
Eye color- Blue
Personality- Irrational and emotional
Clothing- Typically Alicia wears jeans, her old military boots and a white t-shirt with a black hooded jacket over the top.
Abilities- Quick reflexes, above average strength, proficiency with hand to hand and firearms
Occupation- Travel Agent
History- The female Krieger twin, Alicia worked for a time as a special forces agent for the island that her and her brother lived on. She was discharged for killing a target that they were supposed to bring in alive. Later when the country was invaded by Germany she and her brother helped the resistance in their own way. Alexander created a combat suit for his sister which was used to take back the island. After this incident Alicia left the island nation to travel to the United States to fight crime where she was needed. When she left her brother was both devastated and infuriated, as he had harbored secret feelings for her since they were young. Unbeknownst to her, in his depression and rage he locked himself into his lab when she left and began work on a new project, codenamed Project Revanche.
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